The US Keeps Turning Up the Pressure on Iran. But to What End?


WASHINGTON (AFP) — One year after President Donald Trump bolted from the Iran nuclear deal, the United States is ratcheting up pressure on Tehran nearly by the day, from expanding sanctions to deploying B-52 bombers.

But even if the US campaign has succeeded in causing economic suffering in Iran, the broader objectives remain vague, with no clear end-game on how to wind down tensions that have raised fears of war.

Iran ─ which for the past year has made a point of steadfastly complying with the multinational nuclear accord negotiated under then president Barack Obama ─ on Wednesday’s anniversary said it would stop observing some limits set by the deal.

Voicing frustration, President Hassan Rouhani appealed to European powers ─ which still back the agreement ─ to do more to allow trade so Iran feels the benefits of the agreement.


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