The “Reverse Love Jihad” Alarms Muslim Intellectuals



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NEW DELHI — While Muslim leaders are busy defending triple talaq and the community squanders its resources in wasteful, lavish weddings and the puffed-up Hindutva foot soldiers use their newly gained power to harass ordinary Muslims under the pretext of Gau Raksha and “Love Jihad”, away from the media eyes a far more dangerous trend is emerging.

According to a post written by Mufti Yasir Nadeemul Wajidi  and posted on his Facebook page, lately there have been several cases of Muslim girls marrying Hindus.  He writes, “A while ago I had a chat on phone with my friend Mufti Raees Ahmad Qasmi from Dehradun.

“He has narrated a heart-rending news from his own mohalla. A girl from a well-to-do Muslim family has eloped with a Hindu boy from Bhangi (sweeper) community. Mufti Saheb managed to get the administration find the girl after a day and a half. After parents’ pleading and much imploring the girl consented to talk to Mufti Saheb, for at least two and half hours Mufti Saheb tried to educate the girl about Islam and the life hereafter. But as soon as she was presented before the judge she announced her decision to go with the Hindu boy and also declared her conversion to Hinduism.

“According to Mufti Saheb, after this the embarrassed family members and relatives of the girl immediately and quietly left the court room.

“Mufti Saheb says that he knows at least 15 girls from Muslim families in the town who have gone with boys from the Bhangi community while the number of girls who have eloped with other Hindu boys in Dehradun is much higher.”

Commenting on the state of affairs, Mufti Yasir writes, “No one is responsible for such cases of apostasies more than us and our Ulema themselves who have founded institutions for those who come to them to learn Islam but what about rest of the 97%  young boys and girls who do not go to any madrassas?”

Mufti Yasir criticized the Ulema for neglecting this aspect and offered suggestion on how to meet this challenge.  He emphasised the need to avoid, “sectarian interpretations and the issues of beard and purdah, focus should be on the basics of Islam i.e. fear of Allah and love for His Prophet”.

love jihadHe advised the scholars not to assume themselves to be “police of Amr bil-Ma’roof wa-nahi anil-munkar” (the police for the promotion of good and stop evil). These youngsters need encouragement and consolation.”

As could be expected, this post has triggered a serious debate on social media. “This is a very disturbing news…May Allah protect Indian Muslim society from this new fitna,” wrote a Dubai-based political commentator and journalist.

“It is not only about girls. It applies equally to boys as well,” said Hyderabad-based writer Aazeen Kirmani adding, “It is common perception that when a Muslim boy marries a girl from another religion he does some kind of service to Islam. In reality though unless the girl accepts Islam genuinely , such marriages prove disastrous for the identity and psyche of the children.”

Agreeing with Aazeen, the London-based journalist Ghazali Khan said, “A girl’s fault is easily visible because boys do not have to elope. The problem is that in today’s India Islam is not being followed even as a culture. In the days when it was followed as a culture a boy or a girl marrying outside religion was unthinkable. We are simply paying the price for our centuries old hypocrisy.”

“It is not the responsibility of just the Ulema but primarily of the parents. When the whole family watches Bollywood movies and TV sitcoms together which glorify ‘love’ and thus not only desensitize their children but also teach that falling in love is their fundamental right and the main purpose in life. The whole family listens to the songs glorifying ‘falling in love’” wrote Dr Shaikh Ubaid, eminent Indian American activist and physician.

“The youth, especially girls, have no avenues to spend in their energies in positive efforts. This epidemic had to be dealt with in a comprehensive fashion.”

“Each one of us is rushing to express his opinion but when it comes to do something concrete and worthwhile many disappear. We will have to rise above our prejudices and personal interests and will have to work for the pleasure of Allah,” added religious scholar Irshad Qasmi.

One may agree or disagree with the gravity of Muslim boys and girls marrying outside faith. The fact, however, cannot be denied that incidents like this are taking place. While the “Love Jihad” is definitely a political ploy, a “reverse” Love Jihad is also going on.


  1. Not only in Dehradun, the same thing is happening in Gujarat. More than 50 Muslim girls from Juhapura locality of Ahmedabad alone have married Hindu boys in the last couple of years. The details have been compiled by an Ahmedabad-based women activist. The fault lies with parents who don’t educate their children about basics of Islam.
    I have been told that daughter of a Vadodara-based `maulana’ who happens to be head of Vadodara unit of Tablighi Jamaat has also eloped with a Hindu boy and married him. Similarly, the daughter of a leading Muslim in transport business also run away with a Shiv Sena goon a few years ago and married him. And in all these cases, Muslim girls have converted to Hindu religion.
    Christian missionaries, after pressure from VHP, are now targetting Muslims in rural areas, particularly Central Gujarat districts of Anand and Kheda. They have made inroads into the poor Muslim villages by form self-help groups and converting muslims to Christianity by offering them financial assistance through SHGs.

  2. such a serious matter should be brought up in Friday prayer qutbahs & other lectures …the muslim public should be told to give Islamic teachings to their young ones regularly in the home that they understand that praying to or bowing to anyone else besides Allah is a direct ticket to hell.

    • Islam is filled with inadequacies, inaccuracies and blatant lies and mistakes. Some people try to bend some verse to somehow show it to be ‘scientific’. Kinda reminds me of flat earthers who still believe in flat Earth. How exactly do you believe in that garbage?

  3. Now Muslims intellectual are using the term “Reverse love-jihad”. Means they are acknowledging that there is something called “love-jihad” exists. Atleast now they are accepting that there is something like “love-jihad” though vicariously.

  4. Let me tell you why Muslim girls run away with Hindus.
    Hindus take bath daily and more hygienic than Muslims, who take bath only on Friday.
    There is no threat if Thripple talaaq.
    No question of Halaaal.
    No question of bearing 10-12 kids.

  5. So according to librandus love jihad doesn’t exist but reverse love jihad does

    madarchod librandus and muslims should kill themselves

  6. No Muslim girl has committed any crime. They have just returned to the faith of their ancestors. Any problem ? You people, worried of it are the descendants of those Hindus, who were tortured and converted to Islam by Turko Afgan invaders. Why you are still following their faith, who made the crimes on those great ancestors of you ? Come back in your ancestors faith.

  7. Hindu boys are more good looking, hygienic, well cultured and have better physical attributes that’s why Muslim women fall in love with Hindu males.

  8. I promise to destroy “Islam” and wipe it out from India’s soil by marrying off as many Muslim women to Hindu men as possible.


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