The Real Terrorist..!


“Hello ma’am, your son was one of the terrorists who killed 78 people in Peshawar last month!”

“Shame upon my son, how could he do this to our brothers and sisters!”

“They were Christians in a church!”


“You don’t think Christians are your brothers and sisters?”

“I didn’t exactly say that!”

“Ah, but obviously your son learnt that from his mother’s knee, that all are brothers and sisters except…”

“I didn’t exactly say that!”

“No, you didn’t but you specified it in other different ways, like… Son!”

“Yes mother?”

“Who was that boy I saw with you with when I passed you this morning, at school?”

“My friend ma!”

“Is he a Muslim?”

“Yes ma!”

“But he looked a little different! Where does he go to, to worship, which mosque in Peshawar?”

“The one on the next road mother!”

“The Shia mosque?”

“I think so mother.So what?He is a good friend. He helps me with my home work, he listens to all my problems, he…”


“Why mother?”

“You a Sunni, tell all your problems to a Shia?”

“Ma, he is just another boy, like me!”

“Oh no my son, he is different!”

“Ma, he has a nose, two ears, a mouth, and a face just like me, how can he be different?”

“Don’t be cheeky son, or I will tell father what your friend is!”

“Tell him ma!”

“So son, your mother tells me you have a friend who is not one of us?” says the father that evening to his son.

And to all you fathers and mothers who say things such as this advertently and inadvertently, you are the murderers! You are the terrorist!”

Look at those pictures of women dead, young children lifeless in their parent’s arms, and know that when you sow the seeds of animosity in your children’s minds, they become grenades, bombs and bullets later on.

It is a waste of time looking for the culprits.

Look instead for these who sow the seeds of discord in impressionable minds.

When you fathers and mothers know you need to plant love, brotherhood and understanding into your children’s minds, when you know you have the power to stop terrorism right there in its roots, why don’t you do so?


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