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The Pinnacle – Badri Raina

A poetic tribute to the stunning success of India’s wonder women – Sania Mirza, Sania Nehwal and Mary Kom


Saina, Sania, Mary Kom—

Had I been born with a similar name,

Me that am mediocre male,

I too may have blazed a trail.


O wondrous three, and many more,

That scale such pinnacles of grit

In a land where goddesses are fine

But girls are  a priori pronounced unfit,


We  bow to the fathers, husbands, men

Who  took a back seat to your  strength,

Who set aside  all jaundiced things

To let you soar on fulsome wings.


Of you we ask do not become now

Glamour goddesses of gold;

Give to  legions of  denied nubiles

The  daring to break the  stranglehold.

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