The Great Wipe Out — Badri Raina


BADRI RAINA | Caravan Daily

This was the day the wand was waived

And currency turned to paper;

When was the last the world had seen

So heroic a caper?


This was the day when beggars were beggared,

And taught selfless discipline;

They died in lines for their own dues,

So the revolution could win.


This was the day the rich were warned

That the past may well be past,

But that within extended dates

They must their wealth recast.


This was the day the wicked Thousander

Was put into the freeze,

And the honest Two-Thousander released

To put everyone at ease.


Remember this day of November

For calling the Terrorist’s bluff,

For evacuating the economy

To begin clean from bottom up.


There are those who do not think

November eight was great;

Clearly, there still remain

Some enemies of the State.



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