Telangana Doctor Offers Online Consultation to Thousands of Covid Patients

Dr. Luqman Khan

Dr. Luqman Ahmed Khan offered consultations to around 4,000 Covid patient and 2,000 other patients

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – An MBBS doctor in Telangana’s Karimnagar offered online consultation to thousands of Covid patients throughout the country during the recent lockdown. He also trained around 100 doctors for Telangana Covid Task Force.

Dr. Luqman Ahmed Khan, who is a specialist in social and family medicine and diagnosis, has provided consultation through direct Whatsapp Call, video consultation, writing the prescription online and sharing its soft copy. He has also been following up each case for 10 days with Covid-orientated diet and exercise to improvise post-Covid complications.

Khan, who provides online service through his personal contact number, received thousands of calls from all over India. He offered consultations to around 4,000 Covid patients and 2,000 other patients. Currently, he is receiving less requests of Covid patients and more of other ailments, a sign that cases of Covid have come down.

Khan also runs a YouTube channel named ‘Health Tube Dr. Luqman, for medical awareness.

Talking to Clarion India, Khan said he used to run a trust-based hospital for poor people in 2017-18. He later handed over the hospital to the trust and started his own clinic. When the first lockdown was declared in 2020, his clinic was shut down. He took to online consultation. When hospitals were overwhelmed with patients, he developed his own system of online consultation with the help of a task force at his disposal.

He observed that there are multiple reasons why people consult very late, even though with clear associated illness, such as

  • Some patients were so afraid to confront the disease (seeing the way pandemic caused deaths in hospitals) that they decided not to get properly diagnosed and instead went to quacks.
  • Some people still argue that corona is a conspiracy and not a disease to worry about
  • Some patients’ primary concern is their impoverished situation to get treated
  • Some people opted for some remedial medicines which guarantee treatment of corona without hospitalisation; I believe it’s not just a grave mockery of medicine and health system but a punishable offence especially in times of pandemic


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