Teaser of ‘The Kerala Story’ Slammed for Islamophobic Propoganda


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NEW DELHI – The teaser of Vipul Amrutlal Shah’s ‘The Kerala Story’, launched on November 3, was slammed for peddling propoganda and falsehood to vilify the Muslim community through the movie.

The teaser claimed to tell the story of how women in Kerala are converted and inducted into ISIS. In the teaser, Adah Sharma, dressed in hijab, narrates how she wanted to become a nurse, but now she is a terrorist, locked in a jail in Afghanistan.

Adah Sharma took to Twitter to share the teaser and wrote, “Heart breaking and gut wrenching stories of 32000 females in Kerala! #ComingSoon #VipulAmrutlalShah @sudiptoSENtlm @adah_sharma @Aashin_A_Shah (sic).”

However, the teaser is facing flak on social media for its baseless claims about the number of Muslims joining the ISIS.

Journalist Vijaita Singh asked that the makers of the film should explain how did they reach at the number of 32000 persons joining the terror outfit while the government informed that 108 persons have jointed it.

“This is a clip from a movie. The movie makers should tell how they arrived at the 32K number. India at multiple forums has said that fewer Indians have joined IS.“108 out of 180 million Indian Muslims joined the IS in the past few yrs,”ex IB chief in 2018,” tweeted Singh.

A Twitter user Siddharth said “Yet another shameless propaganda film peddling falsehoods to appease the neo-Nazi mob — this time not just vilifying the Muslim community but also Kerala, the one state in the country which has been consistently standing strong against the fascists”.

A Twitter user Yeh Log said that the flase claim about Muslims is being peddled to create civil unrest and stoke mass violence.

Screenwriter Darab Farooqui called it “obvious propaganda delivered by the most sophisticated propaganda delivery machine?”.


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