Tata Motors Roll out Advertisement #NekiHiDariya to Unite People This Ramadan

A moment from Tata Motors

Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company Tata Motors on Wednesday rolled out an advertisment #NekiHiDariya, aimed at uniting people to come together this Ramadan, by overcoming all man-made barriers, including ones that involve social classifications.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the film tells the story of how the unity between an employer and his workers, helped each other at their time of need. The film starts with a group of employees who find their boss’ car broken down on their way in the middle of an empty highway, they drop him home in their company bus to prevent him from missing his Iftar.

The boss then shows them his gratitude by inviting them into his lavish home, so that they don’t miss their Iftar. The film ends with all of them breaking their fast together, as one big family. Rudrarup Maitra, vice president – international business, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles said,

“Ramadan is an important period for Tata Motors customers worldwide, and every year during this auspicious period, Tata Motors shares a beautiful message on the human spirit that binds us all together and connects us through our aspirations. This year, Tata Motors celebrates this everlasting human spirit of helping and inspiring each other through this beautiful film and shows that the spirit of Ramadan is experienced best when it is celebrated together. Wishing everyone a blessed Ramadan!” Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India was quoted by the Campaign India as saying.

“When we step forward to do good, we inspire others. This is a human story that compels us to look beyond the social order, to make this world a happier place, with small acts of kindness towards one another,” he furhter said.


  1. What language was spoken in the song and narration of this creative ad that breaks cultural barriers?

    I’m familiar with the Arabic spoken in this ad (which is much more expressive than the English translation in the subtitles), but am not aware of the language used in the song and narration. Please advise. Thank you.

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