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Tables Turned — Badri Raina

BADRI RAINA | Caravan Daily

Whiz-kid Indians from Silicon Valley—

They went to meet the President;

To him they said, “in profit to USA,

Long we have been resident;


So do what you will with the Latinos,

Or with dangerous Muslim immigrants,

We Hindus are exceptional,

So give us all the HB Ones.”


“So would you cheer a yankee team

Playing Indians on a tour?

 Or the star-spangled banner raise

When Mr Modi visits our shore?”


“Mr. President, how could we such things do,

Hindutva being our political goal?

In America we swell the Treasury,

But Bharat is our heart and soul.”


“So then be true to Savarkar

 Who Hindutva gave to you:

Be born here first, and worship here—

 Your Motherland and harbor true.


Will you then worship our god,

And abjure Mathura, Ayodhya?

Do what you ask Muslims and Christians to do

Back there in the Republic of India?


If not, then we say to you

Pack your bags for Hindustan,

Just as you ask the Muslims there

To pack their bags for Pakistan.”


Last we heard Hindus are

Chewing on Trump-talk hard;

Their chant of “Modi, Modi” may soon give way

To “Donald Trump, Zindabad.”



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