Suresh Chavanke Makes Hate Speech, Calls for Converting 4 lac Mosques into Temple


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NEW DELHI – Notorious news anchor Suresh Chavhanke, despite previous FIRs, made inflammatory remarks targeting Muslims, calling for the conversion of four lakh mosques into temples.

During the event organised by Divya Prem Seva Mission, Chavhanke incited the audience by invoking the popular Hindu proverb “Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed” (persuade, purchase, punish, and exploit the weakness), urging them to take all necessary steps to “protect Hindu religion”. He cited the example of Shivaji Maharaj, who he claimed had destroyed mosques allegedly built after “destroying temples”.

“If We have to liberate a gaurakshak (cow protector, we will use this policy. There is no need to be peace-lover. All these things are legal, necessary, justified. It should be done. Shivaji Maharaj set an example,” he said.

Hindutva Watch, a research initiative which tracks hate crimes in India, have put out the video of his remarks.

Chavhanke went on to make wild claims about the number of mosques built over temples, stating that there were four lakh such temples destroyed underneath mosques.

“What kind of secularism we are taught. There are four lakh such temple which is destroyed underneath the mosque. This is a battle not only for Kashi and Mathura but for 4 lack mosque,” he claimed.

However, historians have consistently refuted such claims, dismissing them as myth. Such speeches are made to target religious places belonging to the Muslim community and have been linked to communal violence incidents.

He claimed to have a list of such temples, and vowed to liberate them. He further expressed his dissatisfaction with the country’s progress, stating that complete freedom had not been achieved until the Ram temple in Ayodhya was built and the Mahadev temple in Kashi was freed from the mosque.

In June, Chavhanke – who is known for spewing hate and misinformation – has been booked by the Sangamner police in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district for spreading religious hatred and promoting animosity between communities.

Chavhanke’s communal tirade was related to the June 6 violence that hit Samnapur village in Sangamner. The TV anchor was part of a rally organised by Sakal Hindu Samaj, spearheaded by Sangh outfits. The rally witnessed sloganeering against the Muslim community and subsequent incidents of assault.

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