Suresh Chavanke at it Again, Calls for Converting 40 Lakh Muslim Women to Hinduism


Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Controversial news anchor and editor-in-chief of Sudarshan News, Suresh Chavanke, has called for converting 40 lakh Muslim women to Hinduism to increase the decreasing ratio of Hindu womenfolk.

Chavanke, a notorious Hindutva protagonist well-known for his hate speeches against Muslims and Christians, made controversial remarks while talking to a YouTube channel.

“We need forty lakh women from the Muslim community to increase the ratio as women are less than men among Hindus. Then, we match the ratio of men and women among Hindus. Tell this Maulana that we don’t need to be worried for 30 lakh Muslims so far. We will see it later for another 10 lakh,” said Chavanke, who runs the Hindutva news channel to spread hate against Muslims and Christians.

Chavanke is already facing an FIR for making hate speeches at the Dharam Sansad in New Delhi in December 2021. The Supreme Court had castigated Delhi Police for showing leniency in taking legal action against him.

Reacting to the current hate speeches about Muslim women, Navaid Hamid, outgoing president of All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat (AIMMM), told Clarion India that Chavanke is directly being patronised by the people in power, who are supposed to regulate the media contents.

“In spite of the Supreme Court directive and observation asking to put a check on hate speeches, the government of India has given a free hand to all those who are indulging in hate crimes against minorities,” said Hamid.

He also noted that people who are involved in hate crimes are given free hand due to political compulsion. Instead, action is taken against those who report and track hate crimes. Hamid cited the blocking of Malayalam channel MediaOne and the suspension of hate-tracking social media accounts at the Centre’s behest.

Twitter has withheld or suspended some media influencers such as Hate Detector Asif Mohammed Khan and others because they were raising their voice against hate crimes.

“It’s not only strange but disturbing that people who are responsible for checking hate activities remain silent. It gives a clear understanding that people like Chavanke are patronized by the government of India,” Hamid said.

In his current diatribe, Chavanke claimed that Muslims will become Hindus in large numbers in the coming days as there is a systematic campaign going on in this regard. On 21 March, they are going to do ‘ghar wapsi’ (homecoming) of Muslims at an event planned in Pune.

Chavanke also counted the benefits of Muslim women getting married to Hindus. He claimed that Muslim women marrying Hindus will not have a third woman in their life and will not be a factory of child-producing machines. He dog-whistled that Muslim women marrying Muslim men become a factory of child-producing machines.

He said that he is going to address an event in Nasik also and challenged anyone to stop him from addressing it. He said he does not need permission from “Owaisi ke Pille” (Puppets of AIMMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi) and aulad (progeny) of Aurangzeb.

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