AMU Students and teachers demanded immediate action against the activists of Hindu Yuva Vahini who raided the campus on Thursday.



Ghazanfar Abbas | Caravan Daily

ALIGARH – Strongly condemning the brutal violence against the students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) by police on Wednesday, the AMU Teachers Association (AMUTA) and All India Council of Students’ Struggles (AICSS), the umbrella organisation of 60 student unions from across the country,  have extended their support to AMU Students’ Union (AMUSU).

Demanding immediate action against the activists of Hindu Yuva Vahini (HYV), headed by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who reportedly carrying swords and guns had raided the University campus on Wednesday, attacked students and created ruckus, shouting slogans against the University and the Muslims when former Vice President of India Dr Hamid Ansari was on the campus to deliver a lecture, they have also sought a judicial probe into the matter.

Students of several other universities including Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Patna University, Hyderabad Central University, Allahabad University and Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) also took out protest marches in solidarity with the protesting AMU students.

Students of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, extended their support to AMU Students protested and demanded immediate action against the the activists of Hindu Yuva Vahini.

In its statement, AICSS said: “In a highly condemnable event, Hindu right wing goons disturbed the peace on AMU campus on the 2nd of May, 2018. Ex- Vice President of India, Mr. Hamid Ansari was about to deliver a talk at AMU. At this point, the goons arrived on the campus with weapons, including guns, with a clear intention to harm Dr Hamid Ansari, intimidate the students and ensure the cancellation of this talk. Members from the student community turned up at the spot to stop these goons from further disturbing the events on campus and handed a few of them over to the police. The students then started a peaceful protest demanding justice. In an ironic twist of events, the Police instead of taking action against the perpetrators, attacked the protestors brutally.”

‘BJP-RSS responsible for the attack on AMU’

“This complicity among the BJP government, the state machinery including the Police and the para military groups associated with RSS is working to further attack democratic spaces across the country. The eyes of the Hindutva groups are further focused on the marginalised groups of the country,” the organisation said in a statement today.

It further added, “The Indian state has also attacked the minority status that AMU claims. It is in this same tradition that the attacks of May 2nd are to be seen. These increasing attacks by the Sangh Parivar on specific targets such as Dalits and Muslims are highly condemnable.”

Urging all progressive sections of the society to raise their voice against the communal conspiracy by RSS-BJP against AMU, the AICSS demanded, “All Hindu Yuva Vahini goons who entered the campus to create ruckus must be arrested immediately. The police official who ordered the lathi charge on AMU students must be punished.”

In the wake of incident, thousands of AMU students have been protesting at the main gate of the university since Wednesday against the Hindutva brigade and police lathi-charge on the protesting students when the incident took place.

AMU Teachers Demand Judicial Probe

Extending its support to AMU students, the AMU Teachers’ Association (AMUTA) has said that the action by the Hindu Yuva Vahini was a “deliberate criminal conspiracy” in which the police instead of punishing the aggressors, indulged in “brutal action” against the students, who had later collected at the gate to protest the failure of the police to prevent the outsiders from entering the campus.

Patna University students also extended their support to AMU students and teachers in protest against the activists of Hindu Yuva Vahini.

Through a letter to district administration, the AMU Teachers Association has demanded the BJP government at the centre to constitute a judicial probe into the matter.

“We demand the Government of India to constitute an impartial time bound judicial enquiry and punish the culprits. Also we demand that an FIR should be lodged against the person (s) who instigated and was responsible for sending the mob at the university and inflict injury to AMU student & disturb the conductive atmosphere of the university. This is a serious security lapse on the part of police administration as former Vice President of India was present in the Guest House when the incident occurred,” It said in the letter.

Appealing to the students for ensuring peace on the campus, AMU Vice Chancellor Prof. Tariq Mansoor also called upon the Aligarh district administration to arrest the culprits.

“The University expresses sympathies with the injured students and has asked the District Administration to nab the culprits and take strict action against the youths of Yuva Vahini for disturbing peace in the campus,” the VC office said in a late night press statement.

What Happened in AMU Campus on Wednesday

Scores of members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini allegedly carrying weapons and saffron flags, had forcibly entered inside the AMU campus through its main gate. They were angry over a portrait of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, and once a senior Congress leader and lifetime member of the AMU court at the AMUSU’s office. The portrait in question has been there since 1938.  Very soon, students of AMU gathered on the spot but they were attacked by the Vahini members and some of the students got wounded.

Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) also took out protest marches in solidarity with the protesting AMU students.

Later when students marched protesting against the attack and seeking arrest of the culprits, police resorted to lathi-charge, leaving around a dozen students including AMUSU president Maskoor Ahmad Usmani wounded.

The incident took place around the time when former Vice President of India Dr Mohammad Hamid Ansari was staying at the guest house of the varsity. He was there to attend a programme of the AMUSU. Some of the Hindu Vahini members had reached the guest house and raised provocative slogans against the AMU and Muslims. Later the programme was also cancelled.

It is said that the incident took place after Aligarh BJP MP Satish Gautam wrote to AMU VC seeking explanation about the display of Jinnah’s portrait at the varsity. While the AMU spokesman Shafey Kidwai on Tuesday defended the portrait, saying the portrait had been hanging there since 1938, saying that Jinnah was a founding member of the University and granted lifetime membership of the Students Union. Traditionally, photographs of all life members are placed on the walls of the Student Union, he told PTI news agency.


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