“Stop Hindu Fascism”: Protesters Shout, Disrupt World Hindu Congress


Mohan Bhagwat addresses World Hindu Congress in Chicago. — PTI

World Hindu Congress disrupted as a group of protesters started raising slogans demanding the religious leaders at the meet to oppose the Indian government’s alleged “actions against religious minorities”.

CHICAGO (PTI) — A group of protesters briefly disrupted the proceedings of the World Hindu Congress in Chicago when they started raising slogans demanding the religious leaders at the meet to oppose the Indian government’s alleged “actions against religious minorities”.

Two of the women protesters were arrested on Friday evening and local police charged them with disorderly conduct and trespassing. They were released later in the night.

Representing the Chicago South Asians for Justice, the two women speaking on condition of anonymity told PTI that they protested during the World Hindu Congress to urge the leaders attending it to oppose the “current actions of the government against religious minorities”.

The event organisers alleged that the protesters sneaked into the venue using a “fake identity card”. The issue has been reported to the police and is being investigated.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and its joint general secretary Dattatreya Hosbale and six other top Hindu religious leaders were participating in a panel discussion on collective efforts for Hindu resurgence when the protesters seated at two different places in the hall suddenly stood on their chairs and started raising slogans such as “Stop Hindu Fascism” and “RSS turn around, we do not want you in town.”

Human right activists raised slogans against RSS at World Hindu Congress in Chicago on Friday.

Taken by surprise, some of the attendees of the conference raised counter slogans, prevented them from raising the banner that they had brought in and in less than a minute were taken out of the plenary hall. The hotel security and local police immediately took the situation under control.

Following the incident, security in and around the hotel has been intensified. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu is slated to address the WHC Sunday.

“About six of us were at the WHC today. We were there to protest the conference, the organiser, the speakers, and the attendees and their support for the current and historic violence that’s been propagated by the RSS and other similar organisations,” one of the woman protestors told PTI after being released.

“We sat through most of the plenary this evening. There were about six speakers. Two of us were on one side of the room and the rest sat on the other side of the room. We stood up with a banner. We chanted ‘RSS turnaround, we do not want you in town’,” she said and alleged that they were immediately swarmed and other conference attendees started screaming at them.




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