Stop ‘Hate Rally’ or Face Contempt: Mahatma Gandhi Foundation to Navi Mumbai Police


It is shameful that 75 years since Independence the police prefer to serve the political bosses rather than the Constitution and the law of the land: Tushar A. Gandhi

MUMBAI — The Mahatma Gandhi Foundation (MGF) on Wednesday called upon the Navi Mumbai police to take preventive action against the proposed Hindu Jan Akrosh Morcha to be organised by the Sakal Hindu Samaj in Navi Mumbai on February 26, or face contempt of the Supreme Court.

In a letter to the Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Milind Bharambe, MGF President Tushar A. Gandhi – the great grandson of the Mahatma Gandhi – pointed to the increasing incidents of hate speeches and rallies in Mumbai, in other cities and towns in Maharashtra, with police “not concerned”.

“Due to this apathy on the part of the law enforcement agencies, concerned citizens are compelled to move the courts to ensure implementation of several orders passed by the highest courts of the land,” he said.

The MGF warned that if timely action of prosecuting those indulging in inciting hate is not taken by the police suo moto – as ordered by the SC – “law abiding citizens will be forced to appeal to the court to punish you for abdicating your duty and disregarding the court’s orders”.

At the preliminary hearing of a plea in the Supreme Court to stop a similar rally of HJM in Mumbai on February 5, the judges had lamented that “no one is taking action despite our passing orders” – referring to its October 21, 2022 order to the Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand governments to clamp down on hate speeches and lodge criminal offences without waiting for complaints to be filed.

“It is shameful that 75 years since Independence the police prefer to serve the political bosses rather than the Constitution and the law of the land,” said Gandhi sharply.

Recalling the rally in Mumbai on January 29, Gandhi said that provocative speeches inciting violence against minorities in general, and Muslims in particular, were made, and such rallies are being used to amplify the hate campaign, while the police turn a blind eye, and for some strange reasons even allow them a free rein.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Telangana MLA T. Raja Singh, at the rally, had given open calls to kill Muslims, similar to those given in the various ‘Dharma Sansads’, and now the hate campaign is targetting Mumbai and Maharashtra, but there is no police action against such blatant instances, the MGF said.

“The SC orders in the Gaurakshak mob lynching case has given enough power and instructions to the police to act independently, accordingly kindly perform your duty as per your oath to the Constitution. Do your duty honestly and stop this reign of hate,” Gandhi urged Bharambe. — IANS


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