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Soldiers, Farmers, and Youth Join Civil Society to Reject Politics of Hate

Civil society believes that the common man now understands the politics of hate and is ready to take on the demon head on.

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI — Soldiers, farmers, youth, students and academicians joined hands with the civil society to put up a resistance movement against the politics of hate and division being played across the country. One such demonstration of the 9-day-resistance movement was organised by ANHAD at Jantar Mantar on February 3.

Talking about the same, Shabnam Hashmi of ANHAD said, “This is 9-day-resistance which began on January 30 will be on till February 7. This movement has been organized by All India Kisaan Sabha in association with ex-servicemen. As far as today’s public demonstration is concerned, we are holding this demonstration against the politics of hate, which is being used to divert the attention from the real issues. And we are standing up against it.”

Former Army Officer Vinod Kumar Gandhi expressed his grave concern over lynching incidents while addressing the gathering in New Delhi on Sunday.

Addressing the public demonstration, former Army Officer Vinod Kumar Gandhi expressed his grave concern over lynching incidents. He said, “Nowadays, people have started to take laws into their hands. They catch hold of anyone on the street and start beating them. Thus, incidents of lynching are on the rise across the country.” He then paused and asked, “Who gave these people the authority to kill someone on the basis of mere suspicion? If the country will be run by this way, no one will be safe in the country. You can be killed to settle scores by anyone at any time while you are on the way to somewhere. Is it acceptable to you? The police is also not taking any action against it. But the bigger question is why?”

Accusing the present dispensation of divisive politics, Navaid Hamid, President of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawrat, said, “Now people are aware of divisive politics being played out across the country. The atmosphere of fear which was prevailing a year before, is not that intense today as people are taking to streets and writing on social media to protest against this divisive politics which they (ruling party) are doing to stay in power.” He then added, “The fact that the US intelligence has already warned that there might be large-scale communal riots before Lok Sabha elections, suggests that the whole world has become aware of their divisive agenda and politics of the present government.”

Elaborating on the agenda behind the politics of hate, Ravi Nitesh, a peace activist, said, “Love is natural. On the other hand, hate is inculcated and propagated and hence, always there is an agenda behind its propagation, which directly boils down to election and power. And that is very dangerous. This has everything to do with grabbing power and earning wealth in the name of religion and country.”

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