Sohail Khan’s Death in MP Police Custody a Planned Murder, Concludes Fact-Finding Team

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Those responsible should immediately be dismissed and prosecuted, demands the team of human rights activists

Pervez Bari | Clarion India

BHOPAL — A fact-finding team of Human Rights activists has concluded that the death of a 20-year-old youth namely Sohail Khan in the custody of Narcotics Police last week was a planned murder. The team came to this conclusion after due investigation.

Sohail Khan, son of Hamid Khan of Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh, died while in the custody of Narcotics Police, Mandsaur, on April 2. The apparent cause of the death is brutal beating. Based on the information received from newspapers and other sources, various human rights organizations in Bhopal formed a three-member independent fact-finding team and visited Mandsaur. The team comprised of Vasid Khan, general secretary, National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO), Madhya Pradesh; Vijay Kumar of Madhya Pradesh Democratic Rights Forum (MPDRF); and social activist Yusuf Khan.

Members of the team met family of the deceased on April 5. They also met friends and neighbours, including his uncle Iraad Khan, brother Murad Khan and brother-in-law Asif Khan. The family members told the team that during the post mortem, serious injuries were found on the entire body, including Sohail’s genitals. He was brutally beaten up at the Narcotics Police Station.

To understand the matter, the fact-finding team also met local journalists and senior social workers.

Besides, the team members sought a meeting with Mandsaur Narcotics Superintendent of Police but that could materialise. He agreed to talk over the phone. When asked about the incident, the he said a judicial inquiry is going on. So, at the moment he cannot say anything.

After hearing from all the sides, the fact-finding team concluded that Sohail Khan’s death in police custody was a planned murder and recommended the following:

1. There is a severe violation of human rights in the entire case. Even the Supreme Court guidelines have been violated. Therefore, there should be a high level judicial inquiry into the incident under the chairmanship of a retired judge of the High Court within a certain time frame; 2. The officials concerned should immediately be dismissed and prosecuted for murder; 3. In view of the economic condition of the family, a compensation of Rs. 50 lakh should be given to the victim’s family; 4. The lives of family members and eyewitnesses are in danger, so they should be provided judicial protection.



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