Social Media Shocked at India’s Refusal to Accept Repatriated Bodies


Clarion India

MUSCAT – Indians across the world have taken to social media to express their shock at their country’s alleged refusal to accept the bodies of three citizens after they were repatriated from the UAE.

According to the Khaleej Times, On Thursday evening, bodies of Jagsir Singh, Sanjeev Kumar and Kamlesh Bhatt, who died of non-Covid reasons, were flown out from Abu Dhabi International Airport. But with a new order being implemented in India, the bodies were denied clearance and returned from Indira Gandhi International Airport. As per the new order, additional approvals are needed from the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs for repatriation of bodies. Till Thursday, there were no restrictions and bodies of deceased indians were flown back from the UAE to India.

“Horrible: India refuses to accept bodies of 3 of its own citizens – Jagsir Singh, Sanjeev Kumar & Kamlesh Bhatt, despite none of them dying of COVID-19! Returns them to Abu Dhabi!” tweeted Samar Anarya.

Another user, Abdulla Kulangara, added, in this context, “humanity is a mirage!”

Shocked at the treatment shown by the authorities, Twitter user Hameed said, “India, show mercy to our citizens abroad after death at least.”

His fellow social media user was equally appalled, adding, as he addressed the Indian authorities through their online channels: “This is utter shame. Mortal remains of the Indians are returned to Abu Dhabi? You have ditched the Indians already. This is not only inhuman but an insult to NRIs all across the world.”

Rajesh Pingle added: “What has India become? No peace when alive. No peace even after death!”

Tauseef Ahmed went on to say: “Leave apart [the] repatriation of our stranded Indians who want to desperately return home in these difficult times… now-a-days the government is so inhuman in India that it [does] not want to take back dead bodies… bodies returned from Delhi airport.”


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