Skinning the Skinner – Badri Raina


Dalit cow skinners being beaten up by the self appointed 'gau rakshaks' (cow protectors) in Gujarat.
Dalit cow skinners being beaten up by the self appointed ‘gau rakshaks’ (cow protectors) in Gujarat.



First you said skin dead cows

To keep twice-born from stench;
Now you say a dead cow has more
To it than a Dalit man or wench.

Better to skin the skinner

As you make new rules;
Knowing that government,
High priests and scriptures are
Your invincible tools.
We leave the dead cow at
Your door, for your holy embrace;
As you clean out the carcasses,
You will surely find solace.
Hence the shoes that you will wear
Will be from your own labor;
What if you are called untouchable
By your next-door neighbor.


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