Sir Syed’s Words Guide Us in this Divisive Age: Dr Frank Islam at AMU

Aligarh Muslim University.

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ALIGARH — In his commemoration address on the occasion of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s 202nd birth anniversary programme at Aligarh Muslim University on Thursday Dr Frank Islam remembered the founder of the varsity in great words and said that this day is special because it commemorates the unparalleled accomplishments of Sir Syed and the legacy he left behind.

The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) organised Sir Syed Day programme on the occasion of 202nd Birth Anniversary of the founder of the university on Thursday which was presided over by Dr Frank Islam, a prominent alumnus of the institution who currently heads an investment initiative in United States.

In his remarks, Dr Islam highlighted Sir Syed’s legacy of “love for all mankind”. “Sir Syed had a vision — a peaceful coexistence in a society which is pluralistic like India.”

Sir Syed’s words and deeds are relevant all times, he said and added that his words “guide us in this divisive age and this trying and troubling times for India and the world”.

The Sir Syed Day’s event started with recollection of the names of noted alumni of the institution. Dr Islam was flanked by Vice Chancellor, registrar and other members of the staff as he arrived on the podium.

Among the noted alumni who graced the occasion were: Dr Abdullah Abdullah, a scientist and poet currently based in Washington DC, Professor Ishtiaq Zilli, a noted historian, Dr Farhan Nizami from Oxford centre of Islamic Studies.

“This is a wonderful day for me and my family,” Dr Islam said in his address. “AMU helped me who I am and for that I am deeply grateful.”

Dr Islam has also made significant contribution to the university in the form of investment and promised to invest more in future in the Aligarh Muslim University.

A collective dinner was organised at the end of the programme followed by playing of National Anthem and then university’s anthem.

All the male participants wore Black Aligarh Shervani, a sign of representing Aligarh Muslim University.


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