Sikh Farmers Cook Langar at Shaheen Bagh to Show Solidarity with Protesters

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NEW DELHI — In a bid to express solidarity with protesting students and the courageous women of Shaheen Bagh, a group of nearly over 500 farmers from Punjab, arrived in Delhi in the morning on Wednesday, riding in over one dozen of buses.

The group that includes men as well as a large number of women said they were from two districts of Punjab, and they are here to support the women-led protest in Shaheen Bagh.

The Shaheen Bagh protest, on now for more than a month, and has hit international headlines as women are spearheading the protests. The protests is an ongoing 24 X 7 sit-in peaceful protest that began with the passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in both houses of Parliament on, December 11, 2019.

Farmers’ Union (Desh Bhagat Yadgaar Committee) leaders Joginder Ugraha and Sukhdev Singh Kokrikalan said in an online statement that with this new Citizenship Act, the BJP government at the Center has launched an attack on the people of India by imposing new laws of citizenship and through the NPR they are paving the steps to implement a nationwide divisive NRC.

Sikhs cooking langar as a religious duty at Shaheen Bagh.

“Modi wants to rule by making people fight with each other. He is not giving jobs to farmers, instead, he is making the Muslims and Sikhs fight,”  NDTV quoted a farmer from Punjab as saying.

According to reports, the leaders of the farmers union also went to meet JNU students and teachers, and thereafter marched from Shaheen Bagh to Jamia on January 15. As of 5:30 pm on Wednesday they marched back to Shaheen Bagh.

The Sikhs from Punjab not just joined the protest but also cooked langar for the protesters aa they had brought gas cylinders, big stoves and all kitchen wares along with them to set up Langar.


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