‘Shudras Don’t Understand’: BJP MP Pragya Thakur’s Casteist Remarks against Dalits


BJP candidate Pragya Singh Thakur

Clarion India

SEHORE –In a controversial remark, BJP MP Pragya Thakur on Sunday cited dharmashastras (religious texts), claiming a ”shudra” (fourth and lowest of the traditional varnas as per these scriptures) feels bad for lack of understanding.

“A kshatriya doesn’t feel bad if we call them kshatriya. A brahmin doesn’t feel bad if we call them brahmin. A vaishya doesn’t feel bad if we call them vaishya. But a shudra feels bad if we call them shudra, what is the reason? Because they don’t understand,”  A terror accused Thakur was quoted by PTI as saying.

The BJP MP is no stranger to courting controversies. The 2008 Malegaon blast accused, who defeated former MP chief minister Digvijaya Singh by over 3.64 lakh votes in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, has often stayed in the news for her provocative statements.

Pragya Thakur referred to Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse as a deshbhakt (patriot) during a debate in Lok Sabha, triggering a protest by opposition members.

She has also hit out at Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over the attack on BJP president JP Nadda’s convoy in West Bengal, and claimed the Trinamool Congress leader “has gone mad”.

“She (Mamata Banerjee) has come to understand that this is India and not Pakistan. Hindus are prepared to protect India. They will give a befitting reply (to her). BJP will win the Assembly polls in that state and there will be a Hindu raj in West Bengal,” Pragya Thakur told reporters in Sehore.

“She is frustrated because she has realised that her rule is about to end,” the BJP MP said. “She has gone mad,” Pragya Thakur added.


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