Shocking Video of Man Eating Dead Dog at Delhi-Jaipur Highway


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NEW DELHI – A video of a starving man munching on a dead dog out of desperation on Delhi-Jaipur Highway near Shahpur has gone viral on social media triggering outrage as people say the video is a testimony of government’s failure to tackle the crises due to Coronavirus lockdown.

India’s Covid-19 lockdown has spiraled out into a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportion with millions of migrant workers scrambling to reach their home while they are  battling hunger.

The appalling video captured and shared by Pradhuman Singh Naruka when he was on his way to Delhi from Jaipir, He noticed a migrant worker feeding on the body of the dead animal.

“This man is eating dog meat on the road,” he narrates in the video.“You don’t have food to eat? What are you eating? You will die!” he tells  the desperate man and asks him to wait by the side of the road.

Singh provides him with food and water. He adds: “I saw this man-eating an animal that might have died on the road when I was on my way to Delhi. If you see a person on your way please help them and share this video with the government as much as you can.”

While sharing the video on Facebook Singh  wrote in Hindi: “Humanity became a shame on Delhi-Jaipur National Highway in Shahpura of Rajasthan when a labourer was forced to eat a dead dog due to hunger. No one has understood it as a big thing to help him by stopping his car. Well. I fed him and gave him money. If you ever see someone hungry, please help.”

The video was shared widely by many social media users who tagged the government officials questioning the claims of the government that no one is starved.

Tens of thousands of migrant labourers and students are currently on their way home after remaining stuck in cities where they work or study since March 24 when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus . There are daily reports of labourers being killed in road traffic accidents or starving due to absence of succour by the government.


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