Shock over Minor’s Rectal Bleeding in UP Police Torture; Probe Demanded in Alleged Rape


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NEW DELHI – Bollywood actress Shwara Bhasker, prominent human rights activist Kavita Krishnan and other twitter users have expressed shock and outrage over the report of minor boys suffering from the rectal bleeding in the police torture and demanded immediate probe into this alleged rape under the police custody in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar.

On December 20, Maulana Asad Raza Hussaini was allegedly tortured in police custody. According to a report in The Telegraph, his students (around 100 of them), from the Saadat hostel-cum-orphanage in Muzaffarnagar, were also tortured and some of them has suffered from the rectal bleeding.

Many of them were minors.

The Telegraph article quotes a local politician to say that the boys (aged between 14-21) were at times denied access to the toilet. Some of them, he alleged, had “suffered rectal bleeding from the torture”.

Now, the news article has caught the eye of the Twitterati, sparking outrage. A photo of the cleric, with his body showing signs of brutality is also doing the rounds on social media.

Many including Swara Bhaskar condemned the incident and called for immediate investigation of the allegations.

Sharing the news report, prominent social activist Kavita Krishnan urged Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi and actress Priyanka Chopra to speak up on the torture. Both of them are prominent faces for working for the child.


  1. Indian police is animal in human form. Injustice is the hottest flame on which all the murder and conflicts are cooked. Injustice is the robbery of happiness of millions of innocent people. Now the khaki uniform of UP police should be changed because it is having blood spots of innocent children. Shame to UP CM who allowed such barbaric actions by police.

  2. Sheer negligence and violence of Human right. Should condemned and all Police criminals who has done this heinous crime against the orphans and Maulana should be brought to books of law.
    Probe should unbiased Judges.. because now even our judiciary system is doubtful and unreliable.
    UP police forgets that powers of politicians are limited to 5yrs but the policeman works till the retirement. Should not earn the ire of innocent people.


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