Shivamogga: Muslim Man Arrested After Being Shot in Leg Accused of Stabbing, Family Rejects Allegations


His wife said, “If my husband had done anything wrong, he would have escaped. But he didn’t do it. While having dinner, the police took him away just for investigation, and later shot him in his legs.”

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NEW DELHI – The police in Karnataka’s Shivamogga have arrested a Muslim man named Mohammed Zabiullah (30) after shooting him in the leg in a case related to the stabbing of one, Prem Singh. However, the family of Zabiullah rejected the allegation of stabbing leveled against him.

The police claimed that Zabiuallah tried to assault the cops when they went to arrest him. During the operation, sub-inspector Manjunath Kuri of Vinobhanagar police station in Shivamogga shot Zabiullah in the leg. 

Alok Kumar, additional director general of police (ADGP), law and order, said, “When our officers went to arrest Zabiullah, he tried to attack them with a knife. Police sub-inspector Manjunath Kuri fired two rounds at the suspect’s leg and took him into custody.”

According to Kumar, Singh (20) was stabbed following clashes between members of the Hindu and Muslim communities on Monday after a banner featuring Savarkar’s image was put up at Amir Ahmed Circle as part of Independence Day celebrations.

The Muslim group tried to replace the banner with that of Tipu Sultan at the same location, triggering a verbal duel followed by a clash between the two groups. It was not until police arrived at the spot and resorted to lathi-charge that the groups dispersed.

However, Shabana, wife of Zabiullah, said her husband was picked up from his home when he was eating food at night.

“If my husband had done anything wrong he would have had many chances to escape, but he didn’t do it. While having dinner, the police took him away just for investigation and later shot him in his legs,” she claimed.

Shabana also denied that her husband had attacked the police with a knife.

“Police have fabricated a story saying my husband had a knife and tried to harm them so they shot his legs, he was taken away at night while having food, how is it possible? My husband is innocent, he has nothing to do with this incident nor is he part of any organisation” she said.

Zabiullah told her that he was called and shot by the cops. Shaband called it “injustice” and said that if he was killed, who would look after her and her children.

Apart from Zabiullah, four people were arrested in connection with the stabbing of Singh. Of the four accused, Nadeem (25) and Abdul Rehman (25) were arrested on Monday.

Singh was stabbed when he was returning home after work on the evening of 15 August.


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