Shiv Sena Threatens to ‘Cut off Tongue’ of AIMIM Leader


LUCKNOW – The Uttar Pradesh unit of Shiv Sena has threatened to “cut off the tongue” of AIMIM state president Shaukat Ali, who has been booked for making disparaging remarks against Hindus.

Shiv Sena state president Anil Singh said in a statement that Shaukat Ali had crossed all limits while making the comments and Hindus would not tolerate it.

“It is because of people like him that even nationalist Muslims are viewed with suspicion,” he claimed .

Singh termed the AIMIM leader as a “PFI agent” and said that if he did not mind his language, his tongue would be cut off.

Shiv Sena secretary Vishwajeet Singh said, “Everyone has the right to air his opinion but this did not mean that he is free to target a community.”

“The AIMIM is the B team of BJP and is working to spread hatred and anarchy in the country. The AIMIM should stop instigating Hindus like this. The silence of the BJP is intriguing too,” he said.

He further said that the complicity between the AIMIM and the BJP was evident since Shaukat Ali had not been arrested as yet.

The Shiv Sena further said that if Shaukat Ali was not arrested within one week, the party would take to the streets.

Shaukat Ali was booked on Saturday after he allegedly made the remarks during a speech at a private programme in Sambhal on Friday.

In the video, Ali is purportedly heard saying that whenever the BJP is weakened, its leaders bring up controversies related to Muslims.

“Sometimes, they say you (Muslims) have many children and marry twice or thrice… Yes, when we marry twice, we give equal respect to both the wives, but you (Hindus) marry one woman and keep three mistresses that no one knows about,” he is heard saying.

A complaint was filed against him by one Archit Aggarwal, said Superintendent of Police Chakresh Mishra. -IANS


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