‘Shiv-raj’ is Now ‘Thag-raj’: Kamal Nath Releases Poster on ‘Corruption’ of BJP Govt in Madhya Pradesh


BHOPAL — Madhya Pradesh Congress president Kamal Nath on Friday termed Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan ‘Thag-raj’ and accused him of tainting the state’s clean image.

While briefing the press at party headquarters here, the veteran Congress politician asserted that he had great regard for CM Chouhan until he was a Lok Sabha MP. “This is not the Shivraj Singh Chouhan I used to know in Parliament in earlier days. He is ‘Thag-raj,’ who has turned Madhya Pradesh into a state of corruption,” he said.

His (CM Shivraj) government has not spared anyone, including God (Mahakal Lok) and Gaushalas, when it comes to corruption.

“Be it senior citizens, youth, women, government employees, entrepreneurs or anyone, everybody has become a victim of cheating under the BJP government. Now that the people have realised that Congress is going to form the government, they have started exposing the corrupt BJP government,” he added.

The former chief minister further asserted that due to the ‘image of corrupt state’, Madhya Pradesh failed to attract  investment. “I have repeatedly said that investment can’t be demanded, it has to be brought in. For the last several years, the BJP government has been mired in corruption and 50 per cent commission, which is why no one is willing  to invest in the state,” the Congress leader said.

He claimed during his chief ministership which lasted for 15 months, business houses had complained that they hesitate to invest their money in Madhya Pradesh due to a bad image. “This is what the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government has done in the last 18 years. If the state economy does not pick up, things will worsen and people of the state should understand it,” Kamal Nath said.

Meanwhile, the MP Congress head along with party leaders and workers released a poster – “Ghotala” (corruption).

Kamal Nath said, “The people of Madhya Pradesh are either the victims of corruption or eyewitnesses. Am telling you today that more corruption of the BJP government will be exposed in the next three months.” — IANS


Photo: Kamal Nath releases poster on ‘corruption’ of BJP govt in Madhya Pradesh.


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