Shaheen Group of Institutions Helps Madarsa Students Become Doctors and Engineers


 Shaheen Group of Institutions has introduced a special course for the madarsa students, with the intention of providing modern education to them.

Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI — After Shahid Raza Khan, a student from madarsa background cracked the Union Public Service Examination (UPSC) this year, it is being accepted that madarsa students can also do well in the modern education system if they are given an opportunity. Understanding this need, Karnataka-based educational group – Shaheen Group of Institutions has introduced a special course for the madarsa students, with the intention of providing modern education to them.

Under Madarsa Plus Course, the Shaheen schools, which has branches operating in different parts of the country, offers education to the Hafiz (The one who memorizes the holy Quran) from scratch. They offer a three-year course to make them eligible for degree courses. Such courses are also available for alims (madarasa pass outs) too.

These courses are imparted at various branches based in different states of the country such as in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, Delhi, Gujarat, Hyderabad and Karnataka’s Bidar. The total annual course fee is Rs. 36,000, includes education, food and lodging.

Dr Abdul Qadir, chairman of Shaheen Group Institutions.

“The Huffaz has no option left after completing their hifz course from madarsa and has no career option other than being the imam at a mosque or opening a madarsa. Starting a madarsa is also not easy nowadays. They are forced to do labouring. Ulama-e-Ikram has been saying that if someone is hafiz, he should learn tailoring too so that he can earn his bread and butter. But these huffaz are brilliant and hardworking. They should become IAS and IPS officers and doctor and engineers,” said Dr Abdul Qadir, chairman of Shaheen Group Institutions, talking to Caravan Daily.

All About Madarsa Plus Courses

A foundation course is provided to them and gradually moulded to achieve competence at 10th, 11th and 12th level of mainstream education. The duration of “Hifzul Quran Plus or Aalim Plus” course is three years.

There is no overdose of Science and Social Science at this stage of learning, but the students will be given individual guidance as per their respective needs. After the successful completion of the Foundation Course, students become eligible for the Bridge Course.

It is a six-month course during which the concepts of basic science are introduced to the students so that they become eligible for admission in standard 10.

During this period, the students are taught in accordance with the science syllabus of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) in Urdu and English so that their science and technology base gets strong.

After Grade 10, these students are to be admitted in the regular Grades 11 and 12, which have courses in sync with the Karnataka State Board Syllabus. Simultaneously these students will be prepared for NEET and CLAT examinations. They also get additional coaching for the other professional examinations to get admission in reputed institutes.

Success Stories

The project of providing modern education to Madrasa graduates or Hafiz aims primarily to integrate the Madrasa-educated students with mainstream education. Various state governments and central government through different schemes have tried to introduce vigorous reforms in the age-old system to enable the Madrasas to keep pace with the modern world and bring its graduates closer to job opportunities.

Shahid Raza Khan from Gaya broke the age-old-prejudice of Madarsa by cracking the UPSC exam this year.

Many Students who pursue Hifz are from economically deprived sections of the society who cannot afford to send their children to mainstream schools. Since the parents of many Huffaz are illiterate, semi-literate, and financially poor, they cannot afford to guide the children and connect the children with the mainstream education system.

There is always an urge from Huffaz to learn from other streams of knowledge to gain wisdom and upgrade skills. But, this urge was restricted up to the level of providing some popular skills to them viz., carpentry, tailoring, typewriting, calligraphy, handicrafts, weaving; while they were not considered fit enough to pursue education in the field of science, technology, humanities, trade, and commerce.

Qadir, who designed this course with the help of experts, has started these course seven years ago and they have a number of success stories to share. In the two preceding years, two batches have passed out from their schools and over twenty (20) students have secured admission in prestigious colleges for professional courses of their choice.

Abu Sufiyan joined Shaheen after doing Hafiz course. He successfully passed all the prescribed courses here and now he is pursuing MBBS at Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences. He had never been to school in his life. Hailing from a poor, uneducated family of a village near Bangalore, he did a Hifz course at a Madrasa in Bangalore. He says, “Memorization of the Holy Quran in the serene atmosphere with disciplined Madrasa routine has prepared me for leading life righteously. Study of MBBS is easy and I am enjoying it. I want to serve the people as a doctor ‘InshaAllah’ (Allah Willing).”

“Hafiza Doctor Rabia Basreen was the very first student of our Shaheen Shoba-e-Hifzul Quran who completed her Hifz Course. Thereafter, she joined Shaheen Urdu High School and secured first division in standard 10. She performed exceptionally well in 12th Grade (P.U.C) and topped in the whole college and secured free government medical seat in the open merit entrance exam at most prestigious Bangalore Medical College,” he concluded.


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