Shaheen Bagh Protestors Look to Jan 22 SC Hearing

Shaheen Bagh protesters

Caravan News

NEW DELHI – The Shaheen Bagh protest entered 38th day on Tuesday as protestors are not willing to quit without a concrete result on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Various attempts were made to persuade the protesters to leave the spot. The number of protestors is swelling as people talk of the January 22 apex court hearing and are gearing up to withstand the odds till then.

“We will not go back an inch. We are getting an unprecedented support and look towards the apex court with hope,” Mohd Ehtesham, a protestor, was quoted by IANS.

The Delhi High Court had refused to intervene on the issue of removal of protestors and the onus was on the administration, said Mehmood Pracha, a lawyer. “The fight is not only about the CAA, but to save the Constitution. The government design is mischievous and it’s also targeting Dalits,” Pracha said.

On the important role of the judiciary, former Union Minister and a noted lawyer Salman Khurshid said on social media, “One hopes the Supreme Court will be able to find a solution that balances the competing aspirations within the federal structure and constitutional morality, keeping in mind the conventions that need to be respected. Of course, the Supreme Court judgment will be the last word till a future Parliament chooses to reverse it.”

“January 22 could be a big day for the people who are against the draconian and divisive CAA,” said Zulqarnain, who has been participating in the protest site from day one.


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