Shaheen Bagh Protesters Were ‘Only Muslims’, Claims SC lawyer Representing Farmers

Lawyer AP Singh

A.P. Singh had earlier said that ‘there is no comparison between the farmers’ protests and Shaheen Bagh protests. Farmers are protesting in a patriotic way’

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – A Supreme Court lawyer whose recent statement on the anti-CAA protesters of Shaheen Bagh sparked controversy has made new claims on the issue.

The counsel for Bharatiya Kisan Union (Bhanu) A.P. Singh faced criticism after saying that “there is no comparison between the farmers’ protests and Shaheen Bagh protests. Farmers are protesting in a patriotic way.” He said this while arguing for his client in the apex court. His statement implied that those who opposed the Citizenship (Amendment) Act were not patriotic.

Singh faced backlash on social media. Many people came out to laud the Shaheen Bagh protesters calling them ‘heroes’ and ‘patriot’.

On Wednesday, he claimed that Shaheen Bagh Protesters were “only Muslims” and people from other communities did not participate in anti-CAA protests. “Attorney General of India, Mr Venugopal said that this protest is going on just like Shaheen Bagh. Then, I said there is no comparison between Shaheen Bagh and this protests,” he said while talking to Clarion India.

Asked about the question of patriotism which he invoked in his statement, he claimed “Farmer protests have not only Muslims while Shaheen Bagh protesters were only Muslims. Hindu, Christian and Sikhs were not in the Shaheen Bagh protest”.

Singh’s claim is contrary to the fact. People from different communities and religions had participated in the Shaheen Bagh sit-in. Several groups of Sikhs had come to the protest site and stayed there. A Sikh had even sold his two flats to set up langar at Shaheen Bagh.

However, even if there were only Muslims, does it mean they were not patriots? “There are many Muslim patriots. I did not say that the Shaheen Bagh protesters were anti-national,” he said.

Singh is known for making controversial statements. As lawyer for the rapists in 2012 Nirbhaya case, he had questioned the character of the gang rape victim on the basis of her going out with her boy friend. “Should I not ask what the girl was doing with the boy so late at night? It is part of evidence. I wasn’t saying they had a brother-sister relationship or they were out to celebrate rakhi. All I said was that they are friends. Now in their society, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships must be laudable, but not in the culture I come from,” Singh had said in 2013.

Now he has made another controversial statement earning criticism on social media. Journalist Vidya Krishnan termed Sing’s statement as “misogynistic” and “dumb” asserting that the Muslim women were saving the constitution.

Lawyer and writer Dushyant said that the anti-CAA protests were the most patriotic movement since Independence but many people are trying to malign it. “The BJP and its blood thirsty hounds like to pretend that Shaheen Bagh was the only place of protest in the country. This lie needs to be countered,” he said.


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