Sena response to Modi: Bulldoze mosques and madrassas to build toilets



MUMBAI — Marathi chauvinist and right-wing Shiv Sena is yet again in spotlight for its vicious anti-Muslims remarks. Uddhav Thackeray, who inherited the party after the death of his father Bal Thackeray, has written communal hateful content in his party mouth piece Saamna.

Uddhav Thackeray who also succeeded the editorship of Saamna from Bal Thackeray, in its October 5th editorial titled ‘Mandir, Masjid ani Shauchalya’ (Temple, Mosque and toilet) which was published both in Marathi and Hindi editions, criticized BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for his ‘Pehle sauchalaya phir devalaya’ (Toilets first, temples later) remark.

In between Thackeray dragged in mosques and madrassas (Islamic seminaries) terming most of them “illegal and terrorism factories” which according to him should be bulldozed to facilitate construction of toilets, than only the slogan of ‘toilets first’ will be considered ‘secular’.

saamnaThackeray started his editorial criticizing BJP stating that party has lost touch with the views of its PM candidate and wrote that, “Not even BJP knows what his (Modi’s) stance is. The party is running behind trying to catch up with him. ”

Making an all-out sarcastic attack on Modi, Shiv Sena chief wrote, “Modi had to face flak on the toilet remarks, because he said ‘Jai Jairam’ instead of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ which led to confusion in BJP. What can we say; all should participate in the toilet building work. As for the temple building work, we will see that later.”

Shiv Sena which is a major NDA ally compared BJP with Congress, Thackeray wrote, “Through this ‘toilets first, temples later’ remark, Modi put forth a courageous thought. It is surprising that Congress attacked him for that. In fact Congress should appoint Modi as a brand ambassador for the toilet project and give a big amount as remuneration to BJP.”

Then again he went on, “It seems the UPA and the BJP have swapped ideologies. Earlier, when Jairam Ramesh put forth the views, Sangh parivar criticized him. Now, BJP leaders are defending Modi.”

Thackeray while stating that the comments of Modi and Jairam Ramesh can be justified from a certain perspective, wrote “undoubtedly there is a need for toilets but there is also need for temples.”

In the middle of the whole BJP and Modi bashing, Shiv Sena chief dragged in mosques and madrassas in his political editorial, which soon started to unfold in ghastly communal manner, “Today there is significant increase in the number of illegal mosques and madrassas in comparison to the temples,” the Thackeray junior declared.

The editorial stated that true secularism would have been best served, “Had Modi and Jairam declared constriction of good colleges and toilets in place of Mosques and Madrasa’s then we would have considered their slogans secular indeed.”

Uddhav again compared back, “The nation has seen a drastic increase in the number of mosques and Madrassas in comparison to toilets.”

Typical of the Sena speak, he went on to allege that, “The most horrible consequence of this development is that weapons and explosives have been recovered from these mosques and madrassas. All anti-national conspiracies are hatched from theses mosques and madrassas. All madrassas have become factories of producing fanatics.”

“It is in the best interest of the nation that these mosques and madrassas are bulldozed and toilets be constructed in their places,” he argued.

Shiv Sena chief also claimed that his idea will be welcomed even by Muslims: “This should be the new slogan of development. We do not have even the slightest doubt that not just Hindus even Muslims will agree to this.”

saamna-editorialThe Saamna editorial

In conclusion he wrote, “We had criticized Jairam on the toilet and temple remark, our role was firm and clear. You are secular right? Then why only temples prick you in your eyes? Your parameters for other religious places should be same as that of temples.”

Clearly, Shiv Senaremains stuck with its stern communal mindset, even after the leadership baton beingpassed on to a second generation. Shiv Sena rose to power and formed the government in Maharashtra with the alliance of BJP in 1995, after large scale communal violence and anti-Muslim rhetoric. The same year they promised to build toilets for women in all the villages of the state. In 1999 when they were voted out of power, toilets were not constructed even in 5% of the villages they had promised to cover under the scheme.—


  1. Well, it shows his immaturity and narrow mind. If Mugals who ruled 700 years in INDIA would have thought in the same way as udhav, things would have been different. This shows the ideology of Mugals and this Sena.


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