SDPI PIL Ensures Return of 700 Tablighi Jamaat Members to Tamil Nadu from Delhi



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CHENNAI—Following a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) by the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) in Madras High Court, the state government in Tamil Nadu took steps to get the residents of the state stranded in different parts of the country, including 700 Tablighi Jamaat members stranded in Delhi, to their homes.

The SDPI called the return of the people “a victory of the PIL”.

The petition admitted on April 28, in which a notice was issued to the state government, came up for hearing on May 7. The court directed the state to file a status report on May 11, which was not done by the state government. It again came up on May 12 before the bench of Justice Dr. Vineet Kothari and Mrs. Pushpa Sathyanarayana.

According to a statement of SDPI, senior advocate, Ajmal Khan, had cited the example of the USA how they brought their citizens stranded throughout the world on their own expenses, “But the Indian Government, though they have arranged for flights, have charged double the fare from their own citizens”.

The bench was also informed that the Indian Government has brought few of their citizens from other countries free of cost.

Khan asked when the government was able to bring some of the stranded Indians from abroad at free of cost, then why can’t they arrange for the transit of their citizens within Country?

Khan said, “If the Government cannot afford the expenses of transportation of its own citizens, which is the welfare of the state, then the people stranded will bear their own expenses. In lieu of which the Petitioner was instructed to file an Additional Affidavit.”

The bench asked the state to inform the court about the steps taken for processing the Applications filed by the people in the present case whose cause is being sought to be represented in this Writ Petition.

On May 12, Justice Vineet Kothari asked the counsel for respondent-state about the filing of status report, wherein it was informed by the respondent for the Tamil Nadu government that the state government has not received any reply from Delhi government till Monday evening.

On May 11 it only was informed by the Delhi CM that they are under the process of transit of the people from Tamil Nadu.

Moreover, the Counsel had also informed the court that they have already organised two colleges to quarantine the people who come from Delhi and other parts of the Country. The court directed the government counsel to file a status report in written on May 15 and it was adjourned accordingly.

After the hearing on the same night of May 12 at around 9.30 pm, the news was telecast in the mainstream electronic media that the state government has arranged a special transportation for the transit of Tamil people stranded in Delhi and other parts of the country and they will start the travel on May 16.

With this assurance, the petition was disposed off.


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