Sauce For Goose is Not Sauce for Gander – Badri Raina



Our corruption may be both more Brazen and bigger than yours,

But the big barons understand We are not throwing money

Just on people but going for Something great and grand;




Do not disrupt Parliament;

It is not good; in your time,

Corruption was an issue because

You were doling “populisms”

Left , right, and center—so

“Disrupt Parliament” ordered

Then our Corporate mentor.


Disrupting Parliament, our l eader

Taught, is Parliamentary practice too;

So, full throttle, party men,

Into the Well you go.


Our corruption may be both more

Brazen and bigger than yours,

But the big barons understand

We are not throwing money

Just on people but going for

Something great and grand;


Having cut spending on useless

Things like Agriculture, Health,

Education, our corruption is

Entirely in the interests of the nation.


Sadly, you demand that of us

Which we had of you, putting thus

Our smart city and bullet train

Into an anti-national stew.


This is not good, we repeat; let our

Corruption take a back seat.

You were foolish and gave us

With ease those ministerial scalps;

Thicker, ha ha, is the hide our

Good governance wraps—

Reason why the very channels

That then bayed for your head

Cannily know in our day

Which side is better fed.


As to the moral middle class—

What god is worth his salt

That cannot bring in the moolah,

And put the destitute at fault.

Fifa never had a football that

could be kicked as freely around

As morality is in Bharat

If your cash be underground..


Those that practice pelf and prayer

Under “patriotic” name

May or may not have their meal,

But they sure eat their shame.


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