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Samajwadi Party’s PDA Strategy Hoard Wide Support: 86% MP’s Elected From Backward, Minority Communities

Image Credit: ANI

LUCKNOW — Samajwadi Party’s (SP) strategic focus on the Pichda, Dalit, and Minority (PDA) communities in Uttar Pradesh has proved fruitful and yielded great results for the party. As per reports, 86% of the newly elected MPs from SP hail from backward classes, Dalit, and Muslim communities.

Out of the 37 Samajwadi Party MPs, a majority of 20 belong to Other Backward Classes, with eight representing Scheduled Castes and four from the Muslim community, Vartha Bharati reported.

Additionally, one MP each hails from upper caste backgrounds including Brahmin, Vaishya, and Bhumihar communities, while representatives from the Thakur community also secured victory.

SP’s innovative approach included fielding Scheduled Caste candidates in general constituencies, a strategy exemplified by the success of Awadhesh Prasad in Faizabad and Sunita Verma’s loss in Meerut by a very narrow margin.

Moreover, SP’s ally Congress clinched six seats, with victorious candidates from diverse backgrounds including Backward Class, Scheduled Caste, and Muslim communities, along with representatives from Kashmiri Brahmin, Bhumihar, and Punjabi communities.

Conversely, BJP’s MP roster predominantly comprises individuals from upper castes, constituting 45% of its total MPs, despite representing only 20% of the electorate. The remainder of BJP’s MPs hail from Backward Classes and Scheduled Castes.

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