Sage Care Launches New-Age Beverage, Herbo Natural Tea


The founder of Sage Care, Muhammad Saleh Hashmi, said he founded the company with the objective to serve people with eco-friendly Ayurvedic and herbal products under the brand name Herbo Natural.

Pervez Bari | Clarion India

BHOPAL – Sage Care, a drug-manufacturing company, has launched one of its products, Herbo Natural Instant Green Tea, here in Bhopal. Present in liquid form, this is the new-age tea.

This herbal tea is made from different types of flowers, leaves, and herbs, which are popular in India as well as abroad. The product is the first-of-its-kind initiative in India and the world to extract medicinal properties from herbs for a healthy beverage. Above all, it is a matter of pride for India in general and Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh in particular that it is being launched from here.

Addressing a press conference after the product launch, Muhammad Saleh Hashmi, the founder of the company, said to avoid messed-up routines and rapid deterioration of health, it’s imperative to include herbal products in life. The herbal products will go a long way in sustaining the power to take additional steps with ease and ensure relief.

Lamenting the lack of herbals, the real thing, in our daily diet, he said the herbal products are also beneficial in controlling depression, skin, and hair.

Recounting how he established the company in February 2010, Hashmi said he founded it with the objective to serve people with eco-friendly Ayurvedic and herbal products under the brand name Herbo Natural. The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Ayurvedic and herbal products which operates under the Drugs & Cosmetic Act 1940.

He said that Herbo Natural, in its quest to further the practices of health and relaxation, has so far given many herbal products that have positively changed the lives of people. People are continuously benefiting from these genuine products at a time when adulterated foods are flooding the market.

He holds a regular intake of adulterated foods responsible for many diseases in this day and age. Against this backdrop, herbal products and remedies are the best bet to keep oneself hale and hearty. This is the reason; he said Herbo Natural has decided to introduce Instant Green Tea in this episode.

Hashmi felt proud of the fact that lakhs of people are benefiting from the products manufactured by his company which guarantee against side effects.

Now, herbal green tea will also prove effective in resisting the craving for tea. He said besides ensuring health to the people, the Herbo Natural Green Tea will bring wealth as it will prove a profitable business for the farmers and the youth.

In its 11-year journey, Sage Care has maintained a track record of developing quality Ayurveda and herbal products from herbal bath powders, dietary supplements, herbal teas, essential oils, juices, etc. It has more than 300 products under the brand name HERBO NATURAL®. The company has a presence all over the world with its Ayurveda pharmacies, clinics, and online portals; such as,,,,, etc. Its mission is to manufacture eco-friendly Ayurvedic and Herbal products to promote good health with an aim to “incline people towards the use of eco-friendly products with the power of Ayurveda”.

Hashmi said if the urban youth want to open a tea cafe, they can submit their project to a bank through Khadi Gram Udyog under government employment schemes. Government departments and banks are also coming forward to cooperate in the expansion and dissemination of the herbal business.

Government officials and bank officials were also present at the Press conference for guidance.


Photo: Muhammad Saleh Hashmi (extreme right), the founder of Sage Care company displaying Herbo Natural Instant Green Tea at Press Conference in Bhopal


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