Safety App Launched by Home Ministry Addresses All Emergency Signals

The app 112 called Emergency Response Support System (ERSS)

Varalika Mishra | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI – Home Ministry has launched a safety app for people especially women which addresses all emergency signals received from citizens through voice calls, SMS, email, panic SOS signal, ERSS web portal.

The app 112 called Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) was launched this year on 19 February, is an integrated emergency response system which can be downloaded on every smartphone.

Punya Salila Srivastava, Joint secretary of the Women’s Safety Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs, made special mention of it at Delhi University’s women college Miranda House on 22 October when a year-long campaign on the rights of girl child with the theme “Girl Force: Unscripted and Unstoppable,” was launched by the college.

At the function, she elaborated about the 112 application, actions of the government in providing training in DNA technology and registering volunteers in charting out the way ahead.

She said the app will facilitate alert messages with location data and will provide the exact location of the person in distress. The information will be forwarded to the Control Room of the State and the location of the victim will be displayed on the GIS map of the city of the call taker.

She added, “I would urge you all to download the 112 India mobile App and share the information with friends and family. The App ensures you access to professional assistance in various emergencies through a dedicated government emergency response centre, your emergency contacts and where you are available, through volunteers too.

“One can also make a difference by registering as a volunteer. Available now in 27 States/UT, including Delhi, we hope to provide this service in nearly entire country in the next 6 months,” she further added.

Srivastva said Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has taken the lead role in designing and creating the ERSS and deploying it in all states and U.T. She congratulated Miranda House for its efforts to bring about synergistic relations between the government, civil society and students.

The app will cater to the rescue and service vehicles of all services (Fire, Police, Health etc) in real time on a digital map of the State/ Union Territories. All existing emergency numbers like 100 (police) 101 ( fire & rescue) and 108 (ambulance), 181 (women and child care)  will be integrated to unified number 112.

In the light of ever increasing crimes against women which has become the national discourse after brutal rape and murder happened in Hyderabad, it becomes more imperative to spread awareness about safety apps like this, and make our society more safe and secure for everyone, especially women. One can only hope that these measures create a difference and reduce the number of crimes, especially rapes and murders.

Varalika Mishra is currently an education analyst at IPE Global, Delhi. She is a writer and has worked at The Hindu, as a sub editor and interned at Hindustan Times.


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