Safest Citizen in India of Today — Badri Raina


BADRI RAINA | Caravan Daily

Name the safest citizen

In the India of today—

Is it cop or minister,

Judge or celebrity?


What a dated query you propose—

It is none of the above;

It is nothing that walks on two legs,

It is the holy cow.


No cop, minister, or judge,

No celebrity of any grade,

Dare annoy a cow and be spared

By government or cow brigade.


Indeed, if Indian woman would be safe

From two-legged animals,

Let her learn to be a cow,

And she will be safe as the hills.

 And  if you do become a cow,
you can be dark from tail to the horn;
for alone among Nature’s dark-skinned creatures,
only a dark-skinned cow is twice-born.
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