Sacrificial Animals: Police Bias Comes to the Fore in Aurangabad


Former MP Syed Imtiaz Jalil claims harassment as police impound cattle and arrest their owners

Team Clarion

AURANGABAD – Police authorities in this Maharashtra city have been accused of harassment, a clear bias against Muslims, and creating unnecessary impediments in their religious obligation of sacrificing animals on Eid al-Adha.

In the lead-up to Eid, various incidents of harassment of Muslims have been reported in the transportation of sacrificial animals in the city and elsewhere in the state. Similar incidents were reported in Hyderabad and Medak district in the nearby Telangana state as well.

In Aurangabad, the police impounded numerous sacrificial animals and arrested their owners, prompting a swift response from All India Majlis Ittehad Muslimeen, with former MP Syed Imtiaz Jalil accusing the police of disturbing common people under the pretext of regulating sacrificial animals. “First, cattle were banned in the markets,” Jalil said. “Now the police are harassing owners and impounding their animals.”

Residents expressed anger over the police actions, leading Jalil to visit several police stations and meet with senior officers. He argued that the police are selectively targeting animal owners, often releasing those who can pay bribes. “If the government wants to ban sacrificial animals, it should not have allowed cattle sales in markets in the first place,” he said.

Jalil further said harassment of a certain segment during the festival will not be tolerated, appealing for fair treatment and action only against genuine offenders. “There are claims that sacrificial animals and their owners are being released for money, while others face unnecessary harassment and illegal detention,” he added.

Aurangabad city DCP Navneet Kawant responded to the allegations by promising a thorough investigation. “We will investigate the matter closely and take strict action against anyone found guilty,” Kawant assured. He urged the public to come forward and register their complaints, to help the police address the issue effectively. “It is important that the public cooperate so we can get to the bottom of this and ensure justice,” he stated.

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