Sachin Pilot’s Fast against Own Govt for ‘Inaction’ in Corruption Charges against Vasundhara Raje


JAIPUR – Raising questions on the inaction of the Gehlot government against former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje in the last four years in different corruption allegations, Congress leader Sachin Pilot on Sunday announced that he will hold a one-day fast as a mark of protest on April 11.

The day is observed as Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Jayanti.

Questioning his own government during a press conference on Sunday, he said, “I had complained to Chief Minister Gehlot against former CM Vasundhara Raje, but Gehlot did not take any action. In fact, I also wrote letters demanding action. However, no action was taken. In protest against this, I will go on a one-day fast at the Martyr’s Memorial in Jaipur on April 11 to ensure that we take the message that we practice what we preach.”

Pilot said, “No action was taken on corruption in the Vasundhara government. While being in the opposition, we had promised that an inquiry would be conducted. When there are 6-7 months left for the election, there can be questions raised if there is any alliance between Gehlot and Raje. Action will have to be taken soon to prove that it is not. So that the Congress workers feel that there is no difference between our words and actions.”

Pilot further said, “While in the opposition during the Vasundhara government, we had raised our voice about scams worth Rs 45,000 crore and had promised that our government would come and investigate these scams in a fair manner and punish the guilty.”

“I never asked for malicious action, but our credibility as the opposition has to be maintained. I had requested CM Gehlot. Wrote the first letter on March 28, 2022. No response was received on that. Then wrote another letter on November 2, 2022. There was no response to that either. The central government has been targeting the people of the opposition for some time now. 95 per cent of the leaders who were given notices or raided by the ED are from the opposition.

“What is the reason that despite coming to power again, we did not take any action on the allegations made by us while in the opposition. When we go to the polls again, people should believe us, so it is important that we take some action, he added.

He said, “Ashok Gehlot and I had made allegations together, until we make fair allegations, we can’t make sure what is true. If it comes out in the investigation that no one was guilty, then we will accept that Gehlotji and I were liars. Until the case is registered, how will people believe whether the allegations made by us are true or false?

“One of the suggestions I gave to the high command regarding Rajasthan was that action should be taken against the allegations of corruption and scams that we pointed out while being in the opposition. Despite the passage of four and a quarter years, no action has been taken till date. So people might think that we raised allegations only to cash in on politics.

“I wrote letters to CM Ashok Gehlot. No action has been taken so far. April 11 is the birth anniversary of famous social reformer Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, on the same day I will go on a one-day fast at the martyr’s memorial. I have informed the district administration about it,” he added. -IANS

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