Russia Can Play Crucial Role in Settling Conflict with Israel: Hamas


GAZA – Palestinian group Hamas has said that Russia can play a key role in ending the military conflict with Israel, said Ali Baraka, the head of external relations for the group, media reports said.

“The Hamas movement has a high level of trust in Russia and its President Vladimir Putin, so we will welcome Russian mediation in resolving the conflict,” Baraka told Russian state news agency TASS.

“We are interested in ending the civilians’ suffering, caused by Israel’s bombing and brutal blockade of the Gaza Strip, as soon as possible,” he added, Al Arabiya reported.

The Hamas official said the group’s leadership was in constant contact with Moscow. “We are ready for possible meetings with Russian diplomats in one of the Arab countries and we welcome their efforts,” he stated.

The group highly appreciated Putin’s stance, according to Baraka who said: “We follow the Russian leader’s statements in which he assesses regional developments”, Al Arabiya reported.

“For the Palestinians, Russia’s voice in their defense and Moscow’s demands to stop aggression, lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip and resume humanitarian aid deliveries are crucial,” Baraka stressed.

Putin had said on Friday that Russia could help with a Palestinian-Israeli settlement as it had ties with both sides of the conflict. -IANS

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