Rumours Trigger Violence During Durga Idol Immersion in UP

Immersions of idols of Durga underway in Patna on Oct 8, 2019. — IANS

Caravan News

BASTI, UP — Several shops were set on fire and vehicles were vandalized during Durga idol immersion on Tuesday in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh following rumours that a piece of meat had been thrown at the idol in the procession.

Violence erupted on Ram Janki road area during Durga idol immersion as enraged devotees, believing rumours, resorted to attack shops and harming vehicles in the area.

Police, however, deny any meat was thrown at the procession and that proved to be only an attempt of mischief mongers to vitiate the atmosphere.

DIG Ashutosh Kumar said that there was no truth in the rumours but anti-social elements took advantage of the situation and indulged in violence.

Police is taking efforts to identify the culprits at the earliest. Additional forces have been deployed in the area to curb any extension in violence


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