Home Politics Ruling BJP in Karnataka All Set to Implement Aggresive ‘Hindutva’ Ahead of Assembly Polls

Ruling BJP in Karnataka All Set to Implement Aggresive ‘Hindutva’ Ahead of Assembly Polls

Ruling BJP in Karnataka All Set to Implement Aggresive ‘Hindutva’ Ahead of Assembly Polls

BENGALURU – With the Assembly elections nearing, the ruling BJP in Karnataka is all set to pursue aggressive ‘Hindutva’ agenda in the state.

Riding high on the success of the ‘Janaspandana’ rally to celebrate completion of three years of BJP government rule in the state, the saffron party is majorly banking on polarisation of majority Hindu votes in the state.

It will also impart special training to police sub-inspectors on the Cow Slaughter Bill besides getting the Anti-Conversion Bill passed in the state legislature during the ongoing monsoon session.

As per BJP insiders, the party has decided to pursue an aggressive ‘Hindutva’ agenda in the state, challenging the claim of Congress leaders and progressive thinkers that the Hindutva agenda will never work in Karnataka.

It has also set its eyes on implementing the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Act, 2020, popularly known as anti-cow slaughter act in the state, sources in the Ministry of Animal Husbandry confirmed.

The police officers of the rank of sub-inspectors will get special training to plug the loopholes in the execution of accused persons in the case.

Though the act has been implemented and cases are being filed across the state regarding illegal cow slaughtering and illegal transportation of cows, the accused and owners of slaughter houses are managing to get out of clutches of law.

This is happening as the provisions of the bill are not being implemented, sources say.

It has also been decided to impart special training at district level to all PSI’s to invoke provisions of the act appropriately at the time of filing of FIR.

Minister for Animal Husbandry Prabhu Chauhan stated that his government would take note of the development of dropping of the accused persons names mentioned in the FIR, at the stage of charge-sheet.

He maintained that police officers will be made to understand the development and his government would do this.

The recently murdered Bajrang Dal activist Harsha from Shivamogga and BJP Yuva Morcha member Praveen Kumar Nettare were in forefront of protest against illegal transportation and slaughter of cows.

Ruling BJP in the state is facing the heat regarding encouraging cow vigilantism especially in coastal Karnataka region.

On the other hand, an Anti-Conversion bill, already in place as an ordinance, will be presented in the Legislative Council. The bill has already been passed in the Legislative Assembly.

The BJP will implement the law with much more force in the state, once the bill is passed, sources stated.

During the recent mega event, BJP paid tribute to party activist Praveen and hailed his contribution to the Hindutva cause.-IANS


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