RSS Role in 1984 Sikh Massacre: 31 Years After the Carnage, Perpetrators Still Free



The RSS often projects itself as a firm believer in Hindu-Sikh unity. But few realize today that the RSS like the then Congress leadership not only believed that the massacre of the innocent Sikhs was justified, it played a role in it


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Indian state is still searching for the criminals behind 1984 massacre of Sikhs even after elapsing more than three decades. This attitude proves once again that perpetrators of violence against minorities whether in case of Nellie massacre (1983), Sikh massacre (1984), massacre of Muslims in post-Babri mosque demolition (1992), Kandhmal violence against Christians (1997) and Gujarat genocide (2002) will never be punished. In nation-wide cases of horrible killing of Dalits since Independence the reality is as bad. The best Indian State would do is to establish commissions of inquiry and more commissions of inquiry.

In the case of 1984 massacre it is generally believed that the Congress cadres were behind this genocide. This may be true but there were other forces too which actively participated in this massacre and whose role has never been investigated. Those who were witness to the genocide of 1984 were stunned by the swiftness and military precision of the killer marauding gangs (later on witnessed during the Babri mosque demolition, burning alive of Dr. Graham Steins with his two sons, 2002 pogrom of the Muslims in Gujarat and cleansing of Christians in parts of Orissa) who went on a burning spree of the innocent Sikhs. This, surely, was beyond the capacity of the thugs led by many Congress leaders.

This document circulated by a prominent ideologue and luminary of RSS, Nana Deshmukh on November 8, 1984 may help in unmasking the whole lot of criminals involved in the massacre of innocent Sikhs who had nothing to do with the killing of Indira Gandhi. This document may also throw light on where the cadres came from, who meticulously organized the killing of Sikhs. Mr. Nana Deshmukh in this document is seen outlining the justification of the massacre of the Sikh community in 1984. According to him the massacre of Sikhs was not the handiwork of any group or anti-social elements but the result of a genuine feeling of anger among Hindus of India.

This document also shows the true degenerated and fascist attitude of the RSS towards all the minorities of India. The RSS has been arguing that they are against Muslims and Christians because they are the followers of foreign religions. Here we find them justifying the butchering of Sikhs who according to their own categorization happened to be the followers of an indigenous religion.

The RSS often poses as a firm believer in Hindu-Sikh unity. But in this document we will hear from the horse’s mouth that the RSS like the then Congress leadership believed that the massacre of the innocent Sikhs was justified. Deshmukh in this document is seen outlining the justification of the massacre of the Sikh community in 1984. His defence of the carnage can be summed up as in the following.

  1. The massacre of Sikhs was not the handiwork of any group or anti-social elements but the result of a genuine feeling of anger.
  2. Deshmukh did not distinguish the action of the two security personnel of Indira Gandhi, who happened to be Sikhs, from that of the whole Sikh community. From his document it emerges that the killers of Indira Gandhi were working under some kind of mandate of their community. Hence attacks on Sikhs were justified.
  3. Sikhs themselves invited these attacks, thus advancing the Congress theory of justifying the massacre of the Sikhs.
  4. He glorified the ‘Operation Blue Star’ and described any opposition to it as anti-national. When Sikhs were being killed in thousands he was warning the country of Sikh extremism, thus offering ideological defense of those killings.
  5. It was Sikh community as a whole which was responsible for violence in Punjab.
  6. Sikhs should have done nothing in self-defence but showed patience and tolerance against the killer mobs.
  7. These were Sikh intellectuals and not killer mobs which were responsible for the massacre. They had turned Sikhs into a militant community, cutting them off from their Hindu roots, thus inviting attacks from the nationalist Indians. Interestingly, Deshmukh would not mind having militant Hindus. Moreover, he treated all Sikhs as part of the same gang and defended attacks on them as a reaction of the nationalist Hindus.
  8. He described Indira Gandhi as the only leader who could keep the country united and on the killing of such a great leader such killings could not be avoided.
  9. Rajiv Gandhi who succeeded Mrs. Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India and justified the nation-wide killings of Sikhs by saying, “When a huge tree falls there are always tremors felt”, was lauded and blessed by Nana Deshmukh at the end of the document.
  10. Shockingly, the massacre of Sikhs was being equated with the attacks on the RSS cadres after the killing of Gandhiji and we find Deshmukh advising Sikhs to suffer silently. Everybody knows that the killing of Gandhiji was inspired by the RSS and the Hindutva Ideology whereas the common innocent Sikhs had nothing to do with the murder of Mrs. Indira Gandhi.
  11. There was not a single sentence in the Deshmukh document demanding, from the then Congress Government at the Centre, remedial measures for controlling the violence against the minority community. Mind it, that Deshmukh circulated this document on November 8, 1984, and from October 31 to this date Sikhs were left alone to face the killing gangs. In fact November 5-10 was the period when the maximum killings of Sikhs took place. Deshmukh was just not bothered about all this.
Sikh women hold photographs of riot victims during a protest in Delhi. AP photo
Sikh women hold photographs of riot victims during a protest in Delhi. AP photo

The Deshmukh document did not happen in isolation. It represented the real RSS attitude towards Sikh genocide of 1984. It may be relevant to know here that the RSS cadres did not come forward in defence of the Sikhs. The RSS is very fond of circulating publicity material, especially photographs of its khaki shorts-clad cadres doing social work. For the 1984 violence they have none. In fact, Deshmukh’s article also made no mention of the RSS cadres going to the rescue of Sikhs under siege. This shows the real intentions of the RSS during the genocide.

This document was published in the Hindi Weekly Pratipaksh edited by George Fernandes who later became Defence Minister of India in the NDA regime, in its edition of November 25, 1984 titled ‘Indira Congress-RSS collusion’ with the following editorial comment:

“The author of the following document is known as an ideologue and policy formulator of the RSS. After the killing of Prime Minister (Indira Gandhi) he distributed this document among prominent politicians. It has a historical significance that is why we have decided to publish it, violating policy of our Weekly. This document highlights the new affinities developing between the Indira Congress and the RSS. We produce here the Hindi translation of the document.”

[The Deshmukh document is reproduced below. It is translated here from Hindi by Shamsul Islam [parts of the document have been underlined for emphasis]


Indira Gandhi ultimately did secure a permanent place at the doorstep of history as a great martyr. With her dynamism borne out of her fearlessness and dexterity, she was able to take the country forward like a colossus for over a decade and was able to build an opinion that she alone understood the realities of the country, that she alone had the ability to run the decadent political system of our corrupt and divided society, and probably that she alone could keep the country united. She was a great lady and her death as a brave leader had added to her greatness. She was killed by a person in whom she kept faith despite several complaints. Such an influential and busy personality was killed by a person who had the duty to protect her person. This act came as a blow not only to her admirers in the country and the world but also her critics. This cowardly and treacherous act of killing not only ended the life of a great leader but also killed, in the name of the Panth, the mutual faith of humanity. Explosion of sudden arson and violent hysteria throughout the country was probably a direction-less and improper expression of the hurt, anger and feeling of loss of her followers. Lakhs of her followers used to see her as the only defender, powerful protector, and a symbol of united India. It is a different matter whether this is right or wrong.

For these innocent and uninformed followers, the treacherous murder of Indira Gandhi was the tragic culmination of the poisonous campaign of separatism, antagonism and violence conducted over the previous three years in which hundreds of innocents had to lose their invaluable lives and the sanctity of religious places was destroyed. This campaign assumed an ominous pace after the painful army action in June which, in the eyes of most of the people of the country, had become necessary to protect the sanctity of the religious places. Barring a few exceptions, the Sikh community observed silence for a long time on the barbaric massacres and heinous killings of innocent people, but they condemned the long-pending army action with anger and dangerous explosiveness. The country was stunned at their attitude. The army action was compared to the “gallu ghara” action of Ahmed Shah Abdali in 1762 to desecrate the Harmandir Sahib.

Without going into the objectives of the two incidents, Mrs. Gandhi was pushed into the category of Ahmed Shah Abdali. She was termed the enemy of the Sikh panth and big prizes were announced on her head. On the other hand Bhindrawale who was guilty of heinous crimes against humanity in the name of religion was hailed as a martyr. Open display of such feelings in different parts of the country and abroad played a special role in increasing the distrust and alienation between the Sikhs and the rest of Indians. In the background of this distrust and alienation, stunned and bewildered people accepted the validity of the rumours of celebrations by the Sikhs at the heinous murder of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards in retaliation of the army action. Of these the most hurting explanation was that of Giani Kripal Singh who being the Head Granthi considered himself to be the sole spokesman of the Sikh community. He said that he expressed no sorrow at the death of Indira Gandhi. This statement added fuel to the fire of boiling anger. No immediate and natural condemnation of this despicable statement by an important leader came from responsible Sikh leaders, intellectuals or organization. Therefore the already angered common and unimaginative people took it as correct that the Sikhs celebrated the death of Indira Gandhi. Because of this belief, selfish elements could succeed in making the common people become violent against the hapless Sikhs.

This was a most explosive situation which needed utmost patience and skillful conduct on behalf of our Sikh brothers. I am saying this, being a life member of the RSS, because on January 30, 1948 a Hindu fanatic, who was a Marathi and had no relation with the RSS, rather was a bitter critic of the Sangh, committed unfortunate killing of Mahatma Gandhi. On this occasion we also suffered the sudden eruption of hysteria, loot and atrocities of misdirected people. We ourselves saw how selfish elements who were well acquainted with this incident, deliberately declared a murderer to be a member of the RSS and also spread the rumour that the RSS people were celebrating throughout the country death of Mahatma Gandhi, and thus they succeeded in diverting the love and the feeling of loss and hurt in the hearts of people for Gandhi. Such feelings were spread against Swayamsewaks and their families, particularly in Maharashtra.

Having gone through such experiences myself, I can understand the strong reaction and feeling of innocent Sikh brothers who became of victims of sudden eruption of people’s violent hysteria. In fact, I would like to condemn in strongest words the inhuman barbarity and cruelty on Sikh brothers in Delhi and elsewhere. I feel proud of all those Hindu neighbours who protected lives and property of troubled Sikh brothers without caring for their lives. Such things one being heard from all over Delhi. These things have practically increased the faith in natural goodness of human behavior and particularly faith in Hindu nature.

RSS workers take part in the daily morning drill in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Reuters
RSS workers take part in the daily morning drill in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Reuters

I am also worried at the Sikh reaction in such delicate and explosive situation. As an activist engaged in national reconstruction and unity for half a century and being a well-wisher of Sikh community I am hesitating in saying that if reactive armed action by Sikhs is even partly true then they have not been able to evaluate the situation correctly and comprehensively and as a result could not respond according to the situation.

Here I wish to draw the attention of all my countrymen including Sikhs that in a similar difficult situation arising out of murder of Mahatma Gandhi when in the hysteria against the RSS crimes of destruction of property, heinous burning alive of children, inhuman cruelty etc. were being committed and the news was reaching Nagpur from all over India, then the ‘dictator’ of the RSS known as the so-called big private army, the then head of the Sangh late M.S. Golwalkar issued an appeal in Nagpur on February 1, 1948 to the lakhs of armed young followers throughout the country in the following unforgettable words:

‘I direct all my Swayamsewak brothers that despite spread of provocation due to lack of understanding, they should adopt cordial attitude towards all and remember that this mutual distrust and improper hysteria is the result of the love and respect that the whole country has for Mahatma who made the country great in the eyes of the world. We salute such great respected departed soul’.

These were not empty words to hide cowardice and helplessness in the hopeless situation. In those life threatening serious moments he proved that every word of his appeal had a meaning. On the evening of February 1, hundreds of Swayamsewaks in Nagpur urged for armed resistance and resisting till the last drop of their blood to stop the probable attack on their leader the same night. And some associates of Guruji told him of a conspiracy against his life and requested to shift his residence to a safe place before the attack, Guruji told them in such a black moment also that if the same people whom he had truly and with full ability, served throughout his life wanted to take his life, then why and for whom he should save his life. Thereafter he cautioned them in stern voice that even if a drop of blood of his countrymen was shed in saving him, then such a life would be useless for him. History is a witness that lakhs of Swayamsewaks spread throughout the country followed this directive word by word. Though they had to digest vulgarities in exchange of their patience and tolerance but there was a faith to give them patience that whatever may happen to them in present condition, history will definitely prove them innocent.

I hope that in present difficult situation my Sikh brothers will also show the above-referred patience and tolerance. But I am deeply pained to know that rather than displaying such tolerance and patience at some places they have retaliated against the crowd with arms and played into the hands of such selfish elements who were eager to spread the trouble. I am surprised how a section of our society considered to be most disciplined, organized and religious, adopted such a negative and self-defeating attitude. May be they could not get proper leadership at the moments of such a crisis. Through my scanty study and understanding of Sikh history I consider that such a nonpolitical reaction of Sikhs in moments of such a crisis came from their complete involvement with teachings of love, tolerance and sacrifice of Sikh nature. Warrior nature of Sikh religion was a short time provision against barbarity of foreign Mughals which was taught by tenth Guru. For him Khalsa was a relatively small part of a broad Hindu-Sikh brotherhood and was designed as an armed hand to defend Hindu community and its traditions. Guru Govind Singh laid down for Khalsa followers five KS (Kesh, Kripan, Kangha, Kara and Kachha) and ‘Singh’ in the name of Khalsas. This was a symbol of their being soldiers. But unfortunately today these only are being projected as basic and necessary forms of Sikh religion.

I am sorry to say that Sikh intellectuals too have failed to understand that conversion of Sikh religion into Khalsaism is a much later event and this was due to deliberate plan of British imperialists to divide and rule in Punjab. Its aim was to cut the Sikhs off from their Hindu environ. Unfortunately, after independence power hungry politicians kept alive for their own interest the unnaturally born problems of separation and equal existence, and carried forward the game of imperialists to divide and rule by their vote bank politics. This improper equating of Sikhs with militant Khalsaism is not only the basic root of separatist tendencies in some parts of Sikh community, but it also raised militancy and faith in the power of weapons to the level of religious worship.

The late prime minister Indira Gandhi whose assassination on October 31, 1984 sparked the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi and across India.
The late prime minister Indira Gandhi whose assassination on October 31, 1984 sparked the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi and across India.

This religious worship gave rise to terrorist movement like Babbar Khalsa in the second decade and recently Indira Gandhi was killed as a result of
terrorist wave under the leadership of Bhindranwale and a long ‘hit list’ is yet to be executed.

I used to imagine that Sikh community has freed itself totally from illiteracy, ignorance, frustration and defeatism in which it was in the fifth decade of 19th century after losing its freedom and which was exploited by cunning British imperialists and selfish Sikh elites for their selfish interests. It is clear that in eighth decade Sikhs adorning the places of high responsibility represent highly educated, laborious, vigilant, relatively rich, enlightened and active section of Indian society in every walk of life. In nineteenth century their experiences and vision was limited to the boundaries of the then Punjab but today they are spread not only throughout India but throughout the world, and they are in a situation to directly know the conspiracies of big powers which are being hatched against independent and united India rising strongly in the world. In such an advantageous situation they should know their historical development as an integral part of India.

Such a revaluation of history will give them the opportunity to see many wrong formulations of their own religion and past which has been systematically drilled into their brains by wrong and distorted historical writings by British administrators and intellectuals about nature and development of their religion. Such an attempt will take them to their real roots.

This is the time that our Sikh brothers should search their hearts so that they can get rid of the false description inserted by British imperialists and power greedy opportunist people into their basic religious nature. Removal of such false descriptions is necessary to bridge the gulf of distrust and alienation between two communities of similar destiny, nature and similar traditions. I am afraid that without such a self-introspection and revaluation of history they would not be able to live with peace among themselves and with other countrymen. A disinterested analysis of their own enlightened interests will be enough to make them understand that their fate is indivisibly linked with the destiny of India. Such an understanding will save them from falling prey to the disruptive and destructive interests of foreign powers.

I disbelieve [sic] that my Sikh brothers will accept the cautious words of spiritual expression of a well-wisher.

Lastly, it is not to deny the truth that sudden removal of Indira Gandhi from Indian political scene has created a dangerous void in the Indian common life. But India has always displayed a characteristic inner strength in the moments of such crisis and uncertainty. According to our traditions, responsibility of power has been placed on the inexperienced shoulders of relatively young person in a lively and peaceful manner. It will be hasty to judge the potentialities of his leadership at this time. We should give him some time to show his ability.

On such challenging juncture of the country, in the meanwhile he is entitled to get full cooperation and sympathy from the countrymen, though they may belong to any language, religion, caste or political belief.

In the capacity of a nonpolitical constructive worker I only hope and pray that God bless him with more mature, balanced, inner strength and ability to give an impartial Govt. to the people so that he can take the country to real prosperous unity and glory.

Guru Nanak Divas
November 8, 1984
Nana Deshmukh


  1. I am pleasantly surprised that you actually gave the translation of the document which according to you, exhorted I r instigated the RSS Cadre to attack Sikhs.You must be out of b your mind to read that document and yet read that conclusion. Is this a result of some long standing grievance against hindus that creates such analysis in your mind ? Which of these sentences provoked people esp RSS to attack Sikhs ? This pathetic state of your thinking makes me sad for you represent v the supposed educated of the Muslims .You can’t even read a few paras and understand the gist.

    • I have read eye witness accounts of RSS/BJP involvement in Quora forum. Capt Amarinder Singh also has said there are FIRs filed in some Police Stations and why Nanaji Deshmukh had to come out with a document against own people..

  2. Surprising article, when the whole world knows that the Sikh massacre happened due to Congress and they have already claimed responsibility. Mr. Rajeev Gabdhi had said then, when a big tree falls there will be bang. Looks like the person who has written has some sort of anger with Hindus or has been written to twist history by a pseudo intellectual.

  3. All you had to do was ask a few Sikhs. There are numerous people who were saved by RSS workers during the genocide( not riots ) that the Congressmen did.
    Stop trying to rewrite history. You’re time is over.

    • Nothing is over yet dear, and you people can never finish it down ever. Please read history, any war of Sikhs did not finished until the last man alive. Not like other wars where the fight finished as the king or commander died. This is going to be something different.

      • Dear Gurdeep Singh. Wahe Guru Da wasta, the tenets of Sikhism is about love. Lets not be short sighted like the provocateurs of hate and crime. Work toward bringing out the truth in documentary and some form of media so the people know the truth. not for revenge dear, but to know how the others think and behave. The Nation belongs to all. Many indigenous died at the hands of the ‘Great Sikh warrior’ who worked with the British. Its history. If all tribals and Dalits and Christians came out for revenge, India would go way back into the stone ages. We must project Love.

  4. Very good post!
    Must read to understand what cancerous virus is this RSS and how it thrives, since its birth, to divide the working class to promote and secure Capitalism and keep its own line of donation open!


  5. i think the author must read the statements of gyani jail singh who was president dat time . he will get an idea who is responsible for those rights n who was rescued people during those times

  6. All citizens have a duty to protect fellow citizens being attacked in such situations. Ultimately it is the failure on the part of each one of us that permits or tolerates violence in such situations on a section of society. Those at the receiving end are not guilty. I think the time has come to levy a collective tax on all citizens of an area or city where communal violence takes place and use the money collected to put the hurt families back on their feet.

  7. It’s a known fact, Jhandewalan in Delhi played a massive role in 1984 Sikh riots. For RSS, a great Brahmin PM was killed by SiKhs and that was enough for them to mobilise their cadres to kill, torture and loot the Sikh properties. Without RSS involvement 1984 riots would not have been of that magnitude. A nice piece of research indeed.


    • Nijahawan Sahib, you have spoken like a true Chaddi ………………… Yes innocent people lost their lives in Punjab. Sad and nothing can justify it.

      But are justifying the Sikh Genocide by the killings of innocent in Punjab.

      This is a common refrain from the Hindu Taliban when they justify their brutality with examples of other incidents.

      TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT and I was 24 years old and a journalist and lived in Defence Colony New Delhi and I SAW RSS OPENLY PARTICIPATE IN THE KILLINGS

      • Is that the reason why BJP is unable to make inroads in Punjab and always have to ride piggyback on SAD!!!!

  9. It is a shame to read some of the letters trying to defend the killers, whether mobs brought by Congress or even any RSS taking part. No humanity or sense of loss of those who were killed has been shown in all these letters, accusing each other. Judiciary has failed as we the people are unable to understand what happened.
    It is shame that nation which claims to be home of many religions and instead of showing pride of living as one nation has been on war with each other in name of religion which neither any party or Government has anything to do as it is everyone’s human right to believe but unfortunately we are so badly poisoned by our leaders in name of religion that we become barbarian and kill without any feelings.
    The cultural fabric of India is being torn apart and all the values of Hindu beliefs are being twisted. We forget that it was Hindus who gave refuge to Jews, Parsi.s and Bahais but now we are lost and forgotten our true culture of humanity

  10. It is a collective shame on the Nation killing is a killing period,nothing can justify it. The problem with this country is that v r followers and like sheep go where the so called leaders take us. History is witness that v cut our own down to size for personal gains. We have not learnt to keep our emotion in check and behave like a sane nation. One incident and v r up in arms ready to kill.Three decades down the line I still do not see any improvement, we still behave the same way ,react the same way ,if nothing we have mastered the art of justifying the killings. Sad but true.

  11. ha ha ha. I can understand sickness of Mr SHAMSUL ISLAM author of this post. As Mr shashi tharur said in different context “Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations & outright lies”, rightly fits here. Ironically. PROF SHAMSUL ISLAM is giving a clean chit to congress and shifting the blame to RSS(same like Aziz burney did for Mumbai terror attack). Moreover he is shifting the goalpost in entire article and yet nothing concrete has came out substantial.
    You lost it Mr Author.

  12. I am writing this reply in 2018. The article by Prof Shamsul Islam, was published 2015, a year into the Modi Government, and three years before his cabal of Urban Naxals was exposed and arrested in a pan India swoop for the systematic canards aimed at weakening the Hindu Society.

    He is a man of very ‘poor education’ a rabid Islamist fossilized in hardline Muslim campus of Jamia Islamia from where being a poor student that he was, he couldn’t manage to get entry into any respectable course than BA. He was a product of the Jamia ghettoism for his entire education was from there.

    A look at his bio clearly shows RSS baiting is his singular body of work, endless rants of personal hate spewed page after page, without any research worth mention.

    His books were mostly decorations of libraries in Jamia and JNU bought on govt funds, and dumped, and he indulged in theatre, for satisfying his urge for slander.

    All his work is classic Muslim – Naxal propaganda the likes represented by the Khalid Mohammad- Jignesh Mewanis of today- Driving wedges into natural fissures of Hindu society. Amplifying Dalit suffering provoking naxal line, attacking Brahmins , and illeterate rants on Manusmriti the most profound social document. Hindu hate continues RSS attacking the RSS which seeks to unite the Hindus, which is his singular interest and passion. In this piece, this man has tried to vilify an RSS ideologue to achieve another sinister design, drive wedges in the larger Hindu Sikh family.

    Any reader with patience and any measure of knowledge on writing, essays, will scroll down to the article to parts he has NOT underlined. The parts underlined simply describe the reasons behind and extent of sikh terrorism, the web of ISI support secessionists, and majority silence, armed extortionism drugs and other vices of the era. These precipitated the situation of operation bluestar, sikh repugnance over desecration of golden temple, to help the reader understand the background of Mrs Gandhi’s Actions and it’s repurcussion on her. All commentators including most Sikh and international ones have written volumes on the Sikh terrorism – Secesionism which is a statement of history rather than any measure of justification for sikh riots. He the vile master of twist in an attempt to enrage Sikhs and vilify RSS, in one stroke wishes that the whole decade of sikh terrorism be airbrushed in sympathy to Sikhs killed in anti sikh riots. Thats a perverts logic, you have to condone the decade of terror of Khalistan movement to condemn anti sikh riots of 1984.

    Readers have to go to end where Nanaji Deshmukh describes unequivocally the inhumanity of the 1984 riots, where defenceless Sikhs were butured, describing how painful it was. The agent provocateur , mischief maker Mr Islam’s tirade is based on only one thing, why Nanaji brought out the Sikhs faults, the terror, the Sikhs siding with the scessionists. That perspective is good writing, not chastising Sikhs , not justified their killers. But this twisted mind first draws conclusions, of his own writing by his mischievous reading and underlining, then creates A COMPLETELY FALSE EVENT THAT NEVER HAPPENED.




    He was just a pimp to destroy Hindu Sikh unity, and if it required lies and canards so be it.

  13. Excellent…. true face of terrorist organisation RSS has been exposed nicely… These Brahmanwaadi Supremacists, who have similar beastly mentality like Zionists, are the greatest enemies of Unity and Humanity…. Until Animals in Human form, the RSS , are there.. there can never ever be peace…

  14. The Khalistani nuisance was created by Congress in the 70s now being used by BJP against the Sikhs labelling them as anti nationals. In other words both Congress and BJP are two faces of the same coin. Plus what RSS tries to project is very different from what actually they are. 84 riots was not an outpour of anger by Hindus, it was very perfectly planned genocide, which hardcore criminals released in parole for 3 days.

  15. 1- What happened was wrong and some hindus really messed up in 84′
    But hear me out, the rest of us who are born 15-20 years after that.

    2- 1 RSS member distributing a document 5 days AFTER the riots ended is not “esclating the situation”
    3- Real issue is what happened BEFORE the riots began, who said what???
    4-I would also like to know where the author typed that document from? Whats your sources?

    Once again Some hindus brought shame to all of us in 1984. But brothers please let this wound not divide us from an enemy who has tried converting us by the means of murder/castration/rape/slavery/jiziyah from 712-1857.

    We have been killed in the name of conversions for 1200 years, please dont fight among yourself no more <3.

    Jhanda fehrahenge aur kesari rang ka hai fehrahenge.
    Jai hind. HR51


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