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RSS Official Spews Venom Against Muslims, Video Goes Viral

Through his speech at a Trishul Deeksha event, RSS Pracharak Ishwar Lal demands the conversion of 30,000 mosques into temples.

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI — A senior RSS official has spewed venom against religious minorities in India, especially the Muslim community, a video circulating extensively on social media shows.

The video shows RSS Pracharak, Ishwar Lal, spreading hatred at a Trishul Deeksha event, held in Lohwat, Rajasthan. Lal makes several offensives statements against the minority communities, encourages problematic and divisive mentalities and gives a communal and divisive touch to India’s history.

During his provocative speech, Lal dehumanises Muslims, makes misleading and provocative statements and also makes unlawful and provocative calls for converting 30,000 mosques into temples, all with the aim of pushing the exclusionary agenda of Hindutva outfits. 

Ishwar Lal begins his speech with his communal diatribe by bringing in the baseless issue of temples demolished in the past and claims that 30,000 temples in India were destroyed and mosques were built on them. He then provocatively asked those present by asking them whether they want these mosques to be converted into temples or not.

Lal then brings in the issue of citizenship and says: “Hindus who were thrown out of Pakistan and Bangladesh should get citizenship in India.” He says the name of the organisation that will help them get citizenship is Bajrang Dal.

Lal is a repeat offender and hate speeches on his Youtube channel have been reported on several occasions. At another event held recently, a video has surfaced wherein Ishwar Lal can be heard making stunning, provocative claims in a speech laced with disinformation. The entire 39-minute speech is replete with hatred towards minorities, egregious lies, and occasional misogyny and deliberate fear-mongering. He raises familiar bogeys of ‘Love Jihad’ and reiterates disinformation like Muslims brought untouchability to India and that with their rising population, Muslims will take over temples from Hindus in the coming decades.

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