RSS-BJP Behind Violence on CAA Protesters in UP, Other States: Left

Left partiesorganised a massive rally was held in New Delhi on Monday against police brutalities on anti-CAA-NRC demonstrators in Uttar Pradesh and other BJP ruled-states. — Photos by Caravan Daily

Left parties hold rally against police atrocities in Uttar Pradesh and other states ruled by the BJP

Abdul Bari Masoud | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI — At a massive protest rally here against police brutalities on anti-CAA-NRC demonstrators in Uttar Pradesh and other BJP ruled-states, the Left parties on Monday condemned the governmental offensives and criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his adamant attitudes. They noted that the PM made no reference to the police firings in his monthly radio address, ‘Mann Ki Baat’, even as tens of  innocents had died in the firings.

In reference to the PM’s observation that “the youth of India doesn’t like anarchy,” the Left leaders asked the PM as to who spread anarchy and violence. They also condemned the Yogi Adityanath government’s drive of confiscating properties without court order in the aftermath of the CAA protests.

Addressing the rally, CPI(M) secretary Amrit Kaur said the PM spoke “lies” as always.  The PM must answer who spread anarchy in the country and why was it that all the violence and police brutalities on the protesters took place only in the BJP-ruled states. Calling the Modi-Shah- Yogi tro as the “badla gang” (revenge gang), she said they (RSS-BJP) dubbed all those who spoke for the country as the “tudke-tudke gang” while “they were the real collaborators and agents of the British government in olden days.”

Protesters at the venue.

CPI leader Atul Kumar Anjan came down heavily on the PM as also home minister Amit Shah. Speaking with Caravan Daily, Anjan said the PM was so “insensitive and heartless” that he did not say a word on the loss of lives in UP and other BJP-ruled states. “Modi is a ruthless person who has no compassion as he, a bachelor, does not know the love of offspring, and children,” the CPI leader said.

He said the situation in UP was grim as social activists, journalists, advocates and community leaders are at the receiving end of the establishment, and “nobody is safe” from the terror unleashed by the police on instruction from the Yogi government.

“UP is reeling under a maha-emergency as nobody can understand what’s happening there. All civil liberties, democratic rights, everything has been snatched away by the Yogi government as the people are paying a cost for the heartless Modi regime.”

CPI leader Anjan, who hails from UP, said the situation is so grim that nobody knew where he stood. At any moment, any person can be detained and thrown into police stations. They would be tortured, it is a torture regime. Even in Banaras, from where the PM is elected, thousands of people in the streets are protesting. Dr Jay Shankar Singh, district president of the CPI, was beaten up and slapped, and a host of cases are being filed against him by the police, Anjan said.

Anjan also slammed the silence of the judiciary while the rulers trampled on the Constitution. “If there is a Supreme Court, it must take suo moto cognizance of what is happening in UP where all the laws and the rule of law are thrown to wind.”

All India Kisan Sabha leader and former MP, Hanan Mullah, said the BJP and the RSS were responsible for the violence in UP and the other states they ruled. Urging the masses to sustain and strengthen the struggle against CAA-NRC-NPR, he said it was part of a deep conspiracy to destroy the Constitution and the secular character of the nation.  “They want to establish a Hindutva and fascist Rashtra, we should prepare ourselves for a long struggle,” he said.

Left leaders belonging to all the six constituents of the front addressed the rally. They said an atmosphere of terror and fear was created by the Adityanath government with the ulterior motive of crushing the agitations and taking revenge on the minorities for their refusal to support the BJP. Besides targeting the Muslim community, they said the state government has also targeted Left activists and their leaders in the state and some of them were mercilessly beaten up in police stations.

Braving the bitterest cold-day of this season, hundreds of people on Monday gathered at the rally raising slogans and holding placards denouncing Modi and Yogi regimes.


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