Rights Group Moves NBDSA against News18’s Communal Debate Show on ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’


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NEW DELHI – On August 5, 2022 at 7:57 PM, News18 India broadcast the debate programme “Desh Nahi Jhukne Denge” under the title “Ghazwa-e-Hind,” hosted by controversial anchor Aman Chopra. The show was held in response to recent security agency reports on the demographic shift in the border line districts of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Assam.

“In accordance with the NBDSA’s standard operating procedures, we initially complained to News18 India on August 8, 2022. However, after receiving an unsatisfactory response from the channel on August 14, 2022, we felt it was appropriate to escalate the complaint to NBDSA on August 22, 2022, where we will seek further redress,” said the APCR in a press statment released on Monday.

The show makes every effort to further a divisive agenda by giving the problem of illegal immigration a communal vibe and associating the rise of one particular minority community’s population to a national security threat. To incite fear and panic in the minds of the general public, the words and rhetoric featured in the show unfairly attack a particular community and faith. Moreover lacking in impartiality and neutrality, the programme presents mere apprehensions as facts, which misleads and prejudices public discourse. The show also fails to question the government’s failures to address the issue of illegal immigration, which is the media’s primary purpose.

The channel’s intent is called into question for using inflammatory, willfully misleading, and maliciously biased content to serve some vested interests and sow discord in society. Here are some of the statements made by the host Aman Chopra:

“..Border par Islamikaran ka lakshya pura hogya he..Border par Ghazwa-e-Hind ka mission Islam safal hochuka he” (The target of Islamization in completed on the border, Mission Islam of Ghazwa-e-Hind is successful on Border)

“Border par Muslim abaadi itni tezi se badhi he…jise ‘jansankhya jihad’… kaha ja rha he..” (The Muslim population has grew so fast on borders.. which is being called ‘Population Jihad’)

“Border par Bharat ko barbad karne ka nya plan he, Wese kehne ko Hindu Rashtra he lekin border Muslim ho gye hen” (It is new plan to destroy India on border, Well it is a Hindu nation to say but the borders have become Muslim.)

“Jese chicken neck he… ese hi muslim galiyara bna diya jaega jo sidha pakistan me ghusega” (Like chicken neck.. a similar Muslim corridor will be made which will directly enter Pakistan)

“…You support NRC Shoaib? nhi mujhe pta nhi tha apki ghar wapsi hyui he…Ap NRC ke khilaf hen, ap ghuspathiyon ke sath hen”, (You support NRC Shoaib? No, I didn’t know you are back home [back to Hindu faith], You are against NRC and support intruders.)

“Kagaz nhi dikhaenge, bhagae jaenge” (Will not show the paper, will be driven off)

“…Entry points par agar apne dharm ke log honge to phir asani bhi hogi… wahin sharan bhi mil jaegi” (If there are people of their religion at the entry points, then it will be easy… will also get shelter there only.)
“Hindustan me Hindu kabhi ghuspathiya nhin ho sakta” (In India, Hindu can never be an intruder)

“Shoaib keh rhe hen ki ghuspathiyon ka koi dharam n hin hota to phir ek hi dharm ke logon ki jansankhya borders par kese badh rhi he?,” (Shoaib is saying that the infiltrators have no religion, then how are the population of people of the same religion growing on the borders?)

“Ye (Shuaib & other Muslim Protestors) videshi musalmano ke liye desh me aag lga dete hen, shaheen bagh (protest) karte hen..” (They (Shuaib & other Muslim Protestors) set the country on fire for foreign Muslims, do Shaheen Bagh Protest)

“We think that the channel intentionally disregards the self-regulation guidelines, code of ethics, and specific reporting guidelines set forth by the NBSDA. Additionally, it violates a number of laws related to inciting hatred among groups, hate speech, and inciting violence under the Indian Penal Code,” noted the rights group.

Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR), a civil rights group is dedicated to preventing hate speech and propaganda from the mass media in our endeavour to keep public opinion free and uphold the tenets of the Constitution.

The APCR has humbly urged the NBDSA to direct the broadcaster to tender a public apology for their irresponsible and propaganda journalism and remove the controversial show from all social media platforms and websites. Since, the channel is a frequent violator of the NBDSA’s Code of Ethics/Guidelines; as a result, it must be exemplary punished and held accountable for its acts, which have significant social repercussions.


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