‘Refrain from Making Such Statements’: Assam CM Tells Badruddin Ajmal over Remarks About Marriage


GUWAHATI – Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday told AIUDF chief and Lok Sabha MP Badruddin Ajmal to refrain from making any statements that “attack the modesty of women”.

Ajmal had earlier said that Muslim men get married soon after they attain the age of 21 according to the law, while Hindus keep themselves unmarried till the age of 40 to have illegal relations with at least three women. Later, he apologised for his remarks.

While attending a programme in Morigaon, Sarma said if the AIUDF leader can bear all expenses of food and education, women can give birth to 20-25 children.

He also suggested Ajmal to refrain from issuing such statements in the future “attacking the modesty of women”.

Sarma also claimed that no man in the country is allowed to marry three-four women as per the law.

“If Muslim girls were asked to wear the hijab, why not the boys also use the same thing and make it equal for both genders,” he asked.

Sarma further said that women should not be compared to a factory for giving birth to children. “Rather they should be shown respect and given equal rights,” he said.

“After the age of 40, Hindus get married. How can they have children if they marry so late? When you sow only on fertile land, you can expect good results,” Ajmal had earlier said.

He further claimed that this is why Hindus nowadays have fewer children.

He advised Hindus to follow the same formula for getting married as Muslims do.

The AIUDF leader said that if Hindu girls marry men at the age of 18-20 years, they can have a good number of children.

Meanwhile, Assam State Commission for Women on Thursday issued a notice to Ajmal asking him to reply to his comments aimed at the Hindus that sparked a row.

In a letter to Ajmal, the Commission mentioned that his comments were ‘extremely misogynistic’, ‘offensive’, ‘sexist’, and ‘unethical’.

The Commission has sought an explanation from the AIUDF leader within three days.

Ajmal will have to appear before the commission if he fails to file a reply to the notice. -IANS


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