Real ‘Jungle Raj’ in Uttar Pradesh, Says RJD After Atiq Murder


PATNA – In wake of the sensational murders of arrested former MP Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed in Prayagraj while under police custody, the RJD on Sunday said that there was clear “Jungle Raj” in Uttar Pradesh and there is a provision for the implementation of Article 356 of the constitution.

“Atiq Ahmed, during his interview with media persons on March 29, claimed that he would be brought out from jail on the pretext of something followed by his murder. He also told the media persons that a police officer informed him about such a plan. On April 15, his apprehension was proved true,” RJD national Vice President Shivanand Tiwari said.

“Whenever, Atiq Ahmed came into public places, a large number of police force surrounded him. There was no chance for any media persons to reach there. On April 15, the cops had brought Atik Ahmed and his brother out of the police van. Some media persons reached there easily and took his interview and the killers posed as media persons executed the murder. Who had allowed media persons to go close to Atiq Ahmed who was in police custody,” he asked.

“Atiq Ahmed was facing more than 100 criminal charges and there are possibilities that the court would give him capital punishment. No one objects to the decision of the court. But the way killers were given an opportunity to murder Atiq Ahmed and his brother, it proved that the government of Uttar Pradesh does not believe in law and judicial process. The state, which was not ruled through law and legislatures is called Jungle Raj. In such a state, there is a provision for the implementation of Article 356 under the Constitution,” Tiwari added.

Meanwhile, the Bihar government is on high alert, especially in the districts adjoining Uttar Pradesh. A large number of people cross from UP’s districts like Ballia and Ghazipur to catch trains in Buxar and police of these districts are checking every person crossing the border into Bihar. -IANS

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