Mumbai’s Anjuman-i-Islam Commits 6 of its Institutions to Fight Against Corona

Anjuman-i-Islam school

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

MUMBAI – Amid the hate campaign against the Muslim community, Mumbai-based Anjuman-i-Islam surrendered its six hospitals, colleges, schools and campuses to the Maharashtra government to fight the COVID-19.

What’s more, the educational group, which has around 100 institutions with 3000-strong staff, declared that it is ready to give all of them in the cause of fighting the epidemic.

President of the Anjuman, Dr Zahir Ishaque Qazi, told Clarion India that he himself is a doctor by profession and had sensed that the government would need the institutions to fight the outbreak of COVID-19.

One or two weeks prior to the lockdown, the police commissioner convened a meeting of local people to stop congregational prayers at the mosque. At the meeting, Qazi offered his group’s institutions in the fight against the COVID-19.

“Besides, I told him that we have a large number of campuses. Whenever the government is in need, we will surrender all of them. We made this offer in the very beginning when there was no talk of giving institutions from anywhere,” said Qazi.

The Anjuman gave its largest college of Maharashtra Abdul Razzaq Kalsekar Polytechnic based in Panvel along with staff members where the food is cooked and distributed to thousands of people. It gave its institution to the World Women’s Organisation where the food items are stored and distributed to the families.

A maximum number of institutions of the Anjuman’s are based in Mumbai. Besides, the organisation has institutions in Solapur and Pune.

Qazi said that they gave their Kalsekar hospital for testing of Covid patients. But yesterday, on the request the government, they surrendered the entire hospital.

“We have given our Urdu medium school based in Bandra for selling vegetables as the crowd was thinned in the near vegetable market,” said Qazi.

“This disease,” averred the head of Anjuman, “has no religion. Being a doctor by profession, I understood the need and offered the institutions for the sake of humanity. Anjuman has a standard and golden history which has taken part in the freedom struggle and whenever the nation faced any trouble, we came forward to contribute our bit,” he said.

Qazi is deeply troubled by the hate campaign against Muslims. However, he made in clear that this contribution was not to present a better image of the community. It’s a contribution from our heart.”

“Making Corona Hindu and Muslim is a disservice to the nation. This is very bad. Spreading such rumour and talking in this way is not correct. Some videos are being made viral that the Muslims are violating lockdown. This is an issue with every community.”


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