Ayodhya Verdict: Ram Mandir to Be Built Where Babri Masjid Once Stood


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NEW DELHI – The Babri Masjid site in Ayodhya will be given to a government-run trust for building a temple and Muslims are to be given a 5-acre “suitable” plot in the town, the Supreme Court ruled on Saturday in a highly sensitive case of Babri Masjid-Ramjanmabhoomi.

There is clear evidence that Hindus believe Lord Ram was born at the disputed site, Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi said on reading the “unanimous” judgement on the Ayodhya title suit in a packed courtroom, reported IANS.

According to the apex court, there is adequate material in the Archaeological Survey of India report to conclude the following:

“Babri Masjid was not constructed on vacant land. There was a structure underlying the disputed structure. The underlying structure was not an Islamic structure.”

Ramjanmabhoomi is not a juristic person, the SC held.

The claim of the Nirmohi Akhara is only of management. Nirmohi Akhara is not a Shebait, the apex court ruled.

The Chief Justice said the Court set up under the Constitutional scheme should avoid interfering with faith and beliefs of worshippers.

The Chief Justice said that secularism is the basic feature of the Constitution and the court should preserve balance.

“Idols were placed in the mosque in 1949,” the court accepted.

Earlier, Justice Gogoi said the Ayodhya Judgment is a unanimous judgment.

The five-judge constitution bench delivered a unanimous verdict. There have been appeals for peace and heightened security across the country. The verdict comes after the century-old legal wrangling over a piece of land in Ayodhya where the 16th century Babri mosque stood before it was razed by a Hindu mob led by the RSS-BJP-VHP combine who claim the mosque site is the birthplace of Lord Ram.


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