Rajasthan Jamaat Holds Gehlot Govt Responsible for Inaction in Alwar Gang-rape Case

Three accused have been arrested by Alwar police for the gang-rape, including one who shot the video, and remaining two are at still at large. — Patrika

Ashok Gehlot finally speaks in the Dalit girl gang-rape case, assures that the victim will get justice 

Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily  

ALWAR/NEW DELHI — A delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s Rajasthan chapter met the family members of the Dalit girl who was gang-raped in front of her husband in Rajasthan’s Alwar district. After the meeting, Jamaat’s state president Mohammed Nazimuddin, who was leading the delegation, held Ashok Gehlot government and Rajasthan police responsible for the shocking incident.   

“They have come to power by making promises about keeping law and order in place. In fact, problems related to poor law and order in the state was strongly raised during their electoral campaign. But the situation has gone worse. Such incidents are happening at different places. This is the biggest failure of this government. I directly hold the government responsible for the incident,” said Nazimuddin while talking to the Caravan Daily.   

On April 26, the victim was travelling with her husband on a bike, when a group of men stopped them at Thanagazi-Alwar bypass and took them to a secluded area where they took turns to rape the 18-year-old Dalit woman. They also made a video of the incident in order to blackmail the victim. And demanded Rs. 10000 from the victim threatening that they would make the video viral if the couple didn’t pay the ransom.   

When the victim approached the police, the officials took no interest in the case. Since the incident had happened three days before the polling and the accused were from the Gujjar community, the police did little to take action against the culprits. The Congress government is now being blamed for playing the silent card in order to keep its Gujjar vote bank pleased. The police sprang into action only after the news about the incident got reported in various dailies.  

“The role of the police was extremely shocking. They filed the FIR against the accused on May 2, about an incident which took place on April 26. You can assume what a wicked role, the police played in this case. They would have been under pressure to not take the necessary action due to the elections. The incident has been kept under the wrap for political benefits,” claimed Nazimuddin.   

He maintained that the rape case became a major issue only after the rape video was made viral by the accused. He claimed that the police wouldn’t have taken any action and would have whitewashed the incident had the video not gone viral.

“It is an extremely painful incident. We daily read about the incident like this in the newspapers. Since the 2019 year began, 15-18 such incidents have happened in our state. This is a matter of security and safety for our daughters and children who travel for education and for business purpose. This is happening due to police inaction. The culprits are not being punished so the criminals are getting emboldened and have no fear of the law and order. Sometimes, the accused go scot-free due to some pressure on the police and the government,” observed Nazimuddin, who is going to hold a press conference regarding this issue.      

Post the public uproar, Alwar SP (Superintendent of Police) Rajeev Pach was removed and SHO of Thanagazi police station Sardar Singh was suspended in connection with the case. Following which Inderraj Gujjar and Mukesh Gujjar were arrested on Tuesday. Ashok Gujjar, who allegedly shot the video, was nabbed by the police on Wednesday. Hunt is on to catch the remaining two accused — Chhotalal and Hansraj.  

Finally, Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot condemned the incident and has assured that the guilty would be punished. “Strict action will be taken against the police if any negligence or irregularity is found. The government is fully committed towards women’s protection and has directed all police officers to give special attention to this case,” he said.  


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